We sat down with one of our favourite fitness bloggers, Carly Rowena, to discuss how she found her dream job as a personal trainer and how she motivates her clients!

What is your morning routine like?
My morning routine usually consists of a VERY early 5:30am wakeup call followed by a quick run with my french bulldog and my favourite Berrys and Oats Good Guru Breakfast, then it’s off to the gym to train my gorgeous clients and then myself, i never have much time so my workouts have to be quick and efficient which is why you’ll normally find me doing a circuit mixed with a cardio HIIT.


What advice do you give to your clients who struggle to find time to exercise?
There are never enough hours in the day for anyone and i totally understand that. When it comes to talking to my clients about finding time I generally ask them how often they watch tv or scroll through Facebook because that’s the time they could be working out. AND you don’t have to be in a gym, all you need is yourself… the world is your playground and your body is the machine.


What inspired you to give up your job in marketing?
My followers! I never knew that I wanted to be a personal trainer until I started making videos. I initially started with random topics and the fitness ones grabbed the most attention, 3 months in and my followers suggested that I started training people! It was a passion I didn’t know I had but one I am so happy to have found, it’s the best job in the world!


What do you love most about personal training?
I adore watching others grow in confidence, I don’t think of it as personal training, more as life coaching. I’ve watched my clients change their bodies, end and find new relationships and completely change careers due to the confidence they have found just from moving their bodies.


What advice would you give to anyone who feels unfulfilled in their current jobs?
Explore other options! I used to trawl google, even writing in the search bar ‘what is Carly’s Dream Job’! I never thought I was going to find it and was miserable. It wasn’t until I put myself out there and tried new things that the world ended up showing me my talent, let the world do that for you.


Are there any mantras you live by?
‘You Can’ – because quite simply there is nothing on this world that you can’t.


What does your day on a plate look like?
Oh I love food, it’s honestly one my favourite things and the reason why I have to train like I do. Breakfast is usually the same during the week because I have to be up so early and I have been loving The Good Guru oats and berry’s with some extra blueberries on top! Post workout I always have some almonds, a homemade mocha shake or a banana. Lunch is usually chicken with stir fried vegetables and dinner is either homemade chilli, fish with sweet potato mash or rice. There is always either some popcorn, a nakd bar or lindt chocolate in there somewhere!

What is your favourite thing to do on a weekend?
I long for the weekends, it’s my only ever chance to sleep past 8am and to go to the gym in my own time and for as long as I like. The weekend is when I make sure to put my family and friends first, real life is the best feeling, laughing so hard you think you might never stop!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
‘Life is not an emergency’ – I get so swept up in the social media world that sometimes I forget that those 10 emails are not an emergency, that I can take a break if I need it, it’s so important to disconnect.


How do you unwind in the evenings?
I am a huge fan of the headspace app, that and playing with my dog while listening to Spotify. Sound is a huge chillout for me. TV and movies just get me excited so I try to unwind with chilled playlists and have some one of one time with my puppy steven! Before bed I always make sure to use my headspace app, it takes just 10 minutes and is the ultimate headrest.

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