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Whilst we’re partial to the occasional juice cleanse, here at Hip & Healthy we prefer to detox in a way that will still support the active lifestyles that we lead. Sometimes we all could benefit from a gentle cleanse, so when we start to feel like it’s about that time of year to do so ourselves (post-summer is always a good indicator), we turn to Nosh Detox. Here’s how to kick start your own healthy living journey with Nosh Detox…

What It Is

A 4 week low carb and sugar free meal delivery service designed to kill cravings and clean up your system. Nosh has devised a unique award winning eating plan to be implemented alongside a specially tailored supplement routine that will leave you feeling energized, inspired, balanced and ready to continue your new healthy eating habits throughout the rest of the year.

The Benefits

  • Cut out sugar cravings
  • Reset Insulin Levels
  • Cure all fungus & yeast infections in the digestive system
  • Re-balance the digestive system and good gut bacteria that is beneficial to health
  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve skin conditions

Sample Meal & Supplement Plan

Breakfast: An alkaline breakfast or vegetable smoothie

Mid-morning snack: High antioxidant snack

Lunch: Protein-rich lunch

Mid-afternoon snack: High antioxidant snack

Dinner: High fibre Dinner

Essential Anti-Cravings Supplement Box

Box 1: Weeks 1 & 2

  • Probiotics to restore compromised good bacteria in the gut

Amount: 1 capsule daily throughout week 1. 2 capsule daily throughout week 2

  • Pau D’Arco fights infection and flushes yeast from the system

Amount: Tea made twice daily throughout week 1-2

  • Candida Albicans a homeopathic remedy which stimulates the body’s own natural immunity

Amount: Take 2 a day throughout week 1

  • Oregano Complex is a herbal complex that cures fungus and yeast infections

Amount: 1 capsule twice daily throughout week 2

Box 2: Weeks 3 & 4

  • Vitamin B Complex helps the process of metabolism in living cells

Amount: 10 drops once daily under the tongue or in water, juice or milk

  • Camomile Tea is an anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

Amount: Tea made twice daily throughout week 3-4. Brew for 3-5 minutes

  • Acerola Cherry Powder is a natural form of Vitamin C that supports the immune system

Amount: 1.5 tsp. per day in juice or water with breakfast throughout week 3-4

Your healthiest life starts here!

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