You’ve been to yoga, gone for a run, polished off a green juice that you were organised enough to prepare the night before (complete with spirulina for a protein hit) and it’s not even 8.30am. You’re feeling pretty smug and rightly so. You’re an absolute heath babe who’s totally mastered this clean living business.

But many neglect the fact that you can continue your clean routine way after your workout. Why spend so much time investing in your health but ignore the care of your biggest organ: your skin? 

Here is some science for you (everyone loves the science bit): your skin’s ability to absorb is affected by several factors which include temperature, hydration and blood flow. Changes in all three of these things are the direct result of exercise; your skin heats up, you produce moisture to keep cool, blood circulation is increased. So that post-pilates glow (or puddle, as is often the case with us) equates to skin that is ready to absorb whatever you slather over it. 

The perfect way to take advantage of this is to use beauty products that are full of natural goodness and nutrients after exercising. And luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down what we think are the top 3 natural beauty must-haves that’ll transform your gym bag:

1. A DIY, in-shower moisturiser that we promise will take you no more than 20 minutes to whip up (and you’ll be thanking us for the rest of your life). Simply melt 50g of coconut oil and stir in 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 4 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Decant into a pot and place in the fridge to cool. Once showered, apply liberally and rinse off. Lavender is fantastic for sore and aching muscles and tea tree is antibacterial which will help remove grime and prevent post-workout breakouts. Coconut oil is extremely moisturising and your skin, at its super-absorbant best, will be supple, soft and silky.

2. Not into making your own? John Masters Organics can help you out with their Rosemary and Arnica body wash. Rosemary helps to improve circulation and arnica is a known muscle relaxant. Plus you can be safe in the knowledge that John Masters don’t use any toxic nasties. Only the best for your skin to absorb!

3. Dr Haushka Birch Energising Arnica Body Oil. A powerful combination of natural oils make this stuff a winner. Jojoba oil will help balance your skin’s sebum levels, which is great to help with acne, but will equally restore any moisture lost. Good old arnica pops up again to limber up stiff limbs. 

Words by Elsie & Dominika – Founders of Clean Beauty Co www.cleanbeautyco.com

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