A spring clean of our skincare after the harsh temps of winter is something we look forward to every year. Just like the seasons, our skin evolves and changes throughout the year so it’s always a good idea to check in with your bathroom cabinet and reshuffle some things around to suit your complexion’s current needs. During the winter season, you’ll often feel the need for rich creams and oils to combat dryness and possibly calm sensitivities from central heating and woolly scarfs cocooning your face when venturing out. Spring, on the other hand, promises milder weather and perhaps more balanced skin so pushing your rich creams to the back of your cupboard in favour of lighter lotions and moisturisers is where you want to be heading. Spring is a time we can all look forward to spending more time outdoors so setting your skin up for the day ahead is key. One of our most-loved skincare brands, Dr. Hauschka, have some wonderful spring launches that aim to help transition your skin into spring.

If you’re not familiar with Dr Hauschka let us give you a little introduction! Founded by Elisabeth Sigmund and Dr Rudolph Hauschka, Dr Hauschka has been creating 100% natural, certified organic skincare since 1967. Paving the way for others in the natural and environmentally-conscious skincare sector, they’re the proof in the pudding that choosing the natural, cruelty-free route can deliver skincare results and most importantly, a happy, balanced complexion. The brand has its own ingredient sourcing department, Naturamus who work to find the highest quality, sustainably-farmed and ethically sourced ingredients available worldwide. It’s like the farm-to-table mentally we see in the culinary world but in skincare!

This spring, Dr. Hauschka is launching three new Day Lotions to their day care product range to help revitalise and revive your skin. Whatever skin type you might have, be that sensitive, oily, dehydrated or a mixture of everything, these lotions provide the perfect way to harness the power of natural, certified organic ingredients in your skincare routine.

“Sunshine in a bottle” – Revitalising Day Lotion
Best for dull, dehydrated skin  

The Revitalising Day Lotion (previously known as the Revitalising Day Cream) uses the same classic formulation that launched in 1967. Created to revive dehydrated, tired skin, the composition of premium botanical & medicinal extracts and oils stimulates the skin’s natural production of oil and moisture. Extracts of apricot hydrate the skin leaving it soft to the touch, whilst carrot extract rejuvenates and nourishes, and St. John’s Wort transforms pale, dull skin to leave a supple, fresh, and radiant complexion.

Perfect for those days when your skin is feeling, tired and dull and needs an instant dose of refreshment. Its formula is vegan and certified organic by NATRUE. RRP: £25

“Happiness in a bottle” – Balancing Day Lotion 
Best for combination skin prone to an oily T-zone and dry cheeks 

Formulated to balance combination skin, the lightweight texture of Balancing Day Lotion works to regulate oily areas and evens out blemishes. Its formula also includes premium botanical extracts of aAnthyllis, field horsetail and nasturtium to support the skin’s structure and soothe blemishes, leaving the complexion moisturised, clear and glowing.

Vegetarian-friendly, 100% natural with organic portion. Certified by NATRUE. RRP £26.50

“Peace in a bottle”  – Soothing Day Lotion 
Best for dry, sensitive skin prone to redness 

The silky-smooth texture of the Soothing Day Lotion offers sensitive skin protection throughout the day. The lightweight formula imparts moisture to hydrate and protect the skin. It harmonises and soothes sensitive skin prone to redness and enlarged capillaries. Formulated with botanical extracts of dog rose to nourish, lady’s mantle to strengthen and even out the complexion, borage to soothe and cocoa butter that gently cools as it melts into the skin, even skin prone to enlarged veins (couperose) appears less irritated.

Vegan-friendly, 100% natural and certified organic by NATRUE RRP: £27.50

We’re all so much more aware of what we put in our bodies as well as what we put on our skin and also what footprint we leave on this earth. Putting trust in companies that also share these same values is key in protecting the planet and living in a more conscious way. Dr. Hauschka’s founding company WALA have funded and influenced numerous biodynamic farming initiatives worldwide to support local communities and ensure their production methods have a positive impact on the planet. The brand has also worked extensively with the World Health Organization to provide an alternative income to farmers producing crops for the opium trade by enrolling them in farming initiatives that produce roses for cosmetics use instead.

For a limited time, receive a FREE Cleansing Cream 30ml (worth £9.50) when you by any Dr. Hauschka Day Lotion. Offer available at www.drhauschka.co.uk ends midnight 30th April 2021.

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