Often the most neglected part of any wellbeing regime, if you think you’re too busy or simply don’t have the time for meditation – Madeleine Shaw’s Glow Guides will make you think again. Featuring 8 meditation audios, led by Madeleine Shaw and designed to be done daily, this week we spoke to Madeleine about what we can expect from the MEDITATE component of The Glow Guides, how someone as busy as herself fits meditation into her day and her top 3 tips to stay motivated to keep it up…

 How does meditation fit into the healthy living equation?

I like to do it before breakfast – it helps calm my mind and prepare me for the day.

What areas of our lives can a regular meditation practice benefit?

Our work and personal lives, as well as the relationship with ourselves – basically everything!

Fill us in on your daily MEDITATE practice.

I like to sit still and watch my breath. I have created many great guided meditations in Glow Guides starting at 3 minutes in Week 1, building you up to 10 minutes.

What are your top 3 tips to keep us motivated to engage in a regular MEDITATE practice?

Do it straight after exercise – during stretching is a great time.

Schedule it in otherwise you won’t do it.

Realise that you will have thoughts in meditation, it’s not about being great and clearing your mind. It’s about showing up and giving it a go.

What can we expect from the MEDITATE section of Glow Guides?

The meditations are really cool, they tackle different issues like comparing yourself to others and self love. You will find a newfound peace and serenity in your life and far less mind chatter.

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