Meditation is the third pillar of Glow Guides and an important step to take in wellness.

Lots of people worry it’s going to be all about sitting still and “om-ing”; they’re scared they will never be able to “meditate”, but try not to worry. Much like yoga, meditation is a practice and a process; it’s about finding time in your daily routine to be peaceful. The rest will soon follow – and you’ll be glowing from head to toe in no time!

Meditation has truly helped me to de-stress. I have seen for myself that stress in cities is endemic and it is widely thought to be a contributor to many serious health concerns. I would love to be able to just brush it away under the carpet for you but sadly I can’t; it’s a fact of life that we all have to cope with, things like exam stress, work stress, relationship stress and just life stress! Daily challenges are inevitable yet I can teach you some tools to deal with them so stress doesn’t damage your life and overwhelm you.

The eight mediations in the Glow Guides app each build on the last by slightly increasing in length, week by week, as you progress through the programme. They are all short but meditation has been proven to be powerful and highly effective so they are worth doing! We will work through different subjects such as body love, gratitude, trying not to compare yourself to others, and generally how to thrive at life.

I have designed the programme with the meditations immediately after the workouts for two reasons: firstly, so you actually do them! I know that meditation often doesn’t feel like a priority, there is always somewhere to be or something to do. My thinking was that if you look at meditation as the ultimate cool down after exercising, for reboot of body and mind, then you might just do it. Secondly, you are extremely open after exercise – all that stretching in yoga and sweating in your workouts has put you in touch with your body, making it easier to detach yourself from your thoughts and become wholly present.

Meditation is a miracle worker; it helps calm the mind, relaxes the body, improves creativity and focus, reduces anxiety and enhances your relationships. What’s not to love? Let’s get meditating!


It is very simple, and you can do it anywhere (no equipment needed). All you need to do is find a comfy seated position, cross-legged, kneeling or on a chair. Close your eyes, relax your body, listen to my voice and hopefully enjoy the benefits!

Words by Madeleine Shaw


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