With sales of beauty oils tripling over the past few years, it’s clear that exotic oils are not going to be leaving the beauty scene anytime soon. Whilst so far it has been Argan and Coconut oil that have stolen the limelight for their amazing miracle-working abilities on everything from de-frizzing and moisturising to oil pulling and cleansing, its time to make room on your beauty shelf for this season’s new wonder product: the oil of the Cacay nut.

Found growing along the eastern base of the Andes mountains, the Cacay tree produces a highly nutritious nut oil containing natural skin-protecting antioxidants Vitamins A and E. Impressively, Cacay oil actually contains 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid, an anti-inflammatory essential omega-6 fatty acid, than Argan Oil. Compared to other oils, Cacay also has the highest amount of Retinol – great for anti-ageing the natural way by reducing wrinkles, boosting collagen production and regenerating the skin.

Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin, Cacay oil offers long-lasting hydration as well as improved texture, firmness and elasticity of the skin. Not only that, but Cacay oil is also ideal for those of us conscious about the amount of toxins that we’re exposing ourselves to – typically cold-pressed, there is no need for any nasty preservatives to be used.

Cacay oil can be used straight up for an assortment of beauty fixes: as a moisturising, acne fighting and anti-aging facial oil; a conditioner to repair and smooth the ends of your hair; a cuticle cream to fight dryness; a healing ointment to calm scratches and rashes, or a soothing balm after shaving.


But Where Can We Get It?

One product featuring Cacay oil that we particularly love is Bamford’s Restore Elixir which is amazing for its ethical sourcing as much as its powerful regenerative properties. Backed by a project supporting sustainable economic development in Colombia, helping communities in conflict zones and facilitating the reforestation of 5000 hectares in the Amazon, this is an oil you can really feel good about using. Simply apply directly onto the skin each evening before moisturising, or perhaps enhance other favourite products by mixing in a few drops of the elixir.

Another product to be sure to get your hands on is Olixia’s Brilliance Facial Oil. This luxurious blend of natural oils infused with Cacay and delicately scented with neroli, lavender, bergamot and patchouli will leave your complexion positively glowing – furthermore, when put to the test an impressive 94% of women noticed visible improvements in both skin softness and skin smoothness.

With the warmer weather fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start incorporating Cacay nut oil into your regular beauty regime to achieve that radiant, fresh and dewy beach look we all long for. It looks like the Cacay is here to stay.

words by Meryn Turner