READY STEADY GLOW – Madeleine Shaw
Maddy’s second gorgeous cookbook will hit the shelves this April 7th. We love her healthy and happy attitude to cooking, and this collection of recipes reflects easy, yet delicious meals, that can be whipped up in under 30 minutes, all wheat and sugar free. A focus on natural ingredients to nourish your body from within and banish any cravings for those fatty or sugary treats. Expect speedy breakfasts, lunches for those that are on the go, and and fuss free dinners to fuel you from morning to evening with boundless energy.

Maddy … “You’ll be feasting – not fasting – on food that tastes so good you’ll forget the things you’re cutting out”


PRETTY HAPPY – Kate Hudson
Kate’s new book is far more than just a book on losing weight. Instead, it teaches us about how to connect with our bodies on a deeper level, understanding what our body needs and wants, all the while creating a great relationship with ourselves. Kate focuses on four pillars of Health to bring about the best version of ourselves; cultivating an intuitive relationship with your body, eating well, awakening our bodies through movement and the miracle of mindfulness. It features body type and stress level questionnaires which will help you identify your areas of concern and what you need to work on to feel your happiest and look your very best. We love the shift away from striving for perfection, and the emphasis on self-love and tips for boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Kate… “When you understand yourself and connect to how you can become body smart, you realize pretty quickly that the perfect, the ideal is not the goal. Instead, the goal is feeling good in your body.”


Natasha’s book was created to help those who are busy busy busy, with no time for healthy eating and cooking. The book has many simple recipes that will nourish our bodies with real foods, whilst ditching the sugary processed foods for good, leaving us with boundless energy. Some of Natasha’s recipes take under ten minutes to put together, so there really is no excuse to cook healthily. You’ll be equipped with skills on how to slash time by prepping ahead, reusing veggies in different meals throughout the week and leaving dishes in the oven to get on with other things.


EAT BEAUTIFUL; Nourish your skin from the inside out – Wendy Rowe
Good skin starts from within. This is something we truly agree with at Hip & Healthy, so we are so exited for this refreshing new beauty book, which will be published this June 23rd 2016. Wendy Rowe, world renowned beauty and make up artist, knows skin from the inside out, and her book will show us how to nourish our skin from the inside with our diets. The book features over 70 recipes of fresh, delicious meals; each recipe will contain foods that will nourish different skin types, and target different problems areas, giving us all that glow we so desire! We can’t wait to try some of the homemade face scrubs, masks and cleanser recipes that are featured.

Wendy… “I work with people at the highest level within their field, who have to look their absolute best everyday, so learning how to achieve great skin has become a big part of my life. This book allows me to share this knowledge with you in a way thats simple and gorgeous and easy to make part of your everyday, with a few laughs along the way!”


NINA CAPRI; Recipes from Italy’s Amalfi Coast – Nina Parker
A beautiful collection fresh and vibrant dishes, drawn from Nina’s inspiration of the Mediterranean will be published June 2nd 2016. Having spent much of her childhood living in the South of France, Nina’s wonderful dishes have an unfussy and rustic touch, bursting with flavours and goodness. Nina’s first book, Nina St Tropez, presents a culmination of French recipes, and its huge success has led to her second bookNina Capri. This book touches on her time spent travelling around the bay of Naples, meeting the locals and the food of the region. The book reflects a lovely twist of classic Italian cooking and dishes are given a more modern approach; most are dairy and gluten-free. This is the perfect guide to ensure you bring lots of sumptuous and flavoursome meals to the table all summer long!


THE YOGA KITCHEN – Kimberly Parsons
For all you yogi bunnies out there! Author Kimberly Parsons, trained naturopath and chef, brings the yogic principle of combining diet with holistic health to strengthen and nourish our entire bodies. The book is published this May 5th and boasts some stunning photography; we seriously want to recreate just about every recipe in the book and get Insta snapping! The book is divided into ‘chakras,’ the different energy systems in our bodies, based on the ancient yoga chakra system from India, such as Vitalise, Nurture and Strengthen. We are able to support these energy systems through our diets, and Kimberly explains the best foods and recipes with which to energise our bodies. Whether you are craving energy, balance, tranquility, or cleansing, Kimberly will suit your needs with suitable and delicious veggie recipes. Of course there is a wonderful variety of sweet treats… chocolate and Maca quinoa pops simply sound too good to be true!

words by Flora Crichton

image: Madeleine Shaw