There’s something in the air, changing the face of the health industry, resembling the body of a teardrop and a texture unlike any other.  All the way from California, if you hadn’t guessed already, comes the ’21 Day Snack Happy Challenge’, and we want you to get involved!  “But what does the challenge entail?” I hear you ask.  Well that, my friends, is simple.  The California Almonds team has initiated a series of 21 days whereby they aim to encourage women of all ages to form healthy snacking habits.  The way it works is straightforward:  Each day, ensure that you consume a handful (approx. 30g) of almonds as your daily snack, so that at the end of the three weeks, you can see just how different you feel.

With the challenge info up for you to read at your leisure, let’s get onto the facts.  OK so we all know that this humble, charmingly versatile nut holds an abundance of health benefits, but what exactly are they?  The phrase we are all waiting to hear is, ‘good fats’, well whether you are an almond-eating novice or an AAM (Avid Almond Muncher) you need not look any further.  With only 13 grams of unsaturated fat per handful (approx 30g) or sticky note, promoting a healthy heart, providing a magnificent source of Vit E and magnesium, and more dietary fibre (3.5g) and protein (6g) than any other tree nut, it’s undeniable this challenge will benefit your overall health.  More importantly perhaps, for us health conscious females, is that these pocket-sized nuggets of natural goodness can assist you in maintaining your most ideal weight, gorgeously glowing skin and enviable brain health without even trying!  Carrying a high level of calcium also and a brilliant source of folate, let’s just say that tiredness and fatigue will no longer be a part of your vocabulary. Can I have a ‘hell, yeah!’

Now stay with us here, as this doesn’t have to be boring.  Of course, to eat a handful of almonds on their own can undoubtedly hit the satisfaction spot, but if we’re talking, 11am for 21 days, we can forgive you for thinking this could become slightly monotonous.  So with this in mind, let’s go through some super salivating ways to jazz up your almond eating experience.  As a woman with a persistent sweet tooth but a level of sugar-guilt too high to hide, discovering these cinnamon dusted almonds was something of a godsend- http://www.almonds.co.uk/consumers/snack-center/whole-almonds-dusted-cinnamon-powder-0, equally, as a morning porridge fanatic, I feel it may be rude of me to bypass the delightful ‘sliced almonds with coconut flakes and rolled oats’ recipe right here http://www.almonds.co.uk/consumers/snack-center/sliced-almonds-coconut-flakes-and-rolled-oats-0.  They really are so simple to incorporate into your daily snacking sesh, and with a wealth of instant nutrition at the heart of these nibbles, and an abundance of weird and wonderful ways to consume them, there really is no excuse is there?

If you still need convincing, allow me to let you in on a cheeky fact, even Van Gogh (yes, the) loved almond blossom.  So much so, that he has a famous painting of the tree in the Van Gogh museum.  Ooh and one for the men in your life, according to Italian doctors, almonds may boost male fertility too.. now there’s a reason to celebrate National Almond Day every February!  Plus, if you haven’t already tried, creating your own Almond milk has got to be one of the easiest things ever; simply take a portion of your California Almonds, a mug of water and blend away, it really is that simple.  Let me tell you, once you’ve been converted there won’t be any ‘udder’ way!

So, whatever kind of snacker you may be (there’s a test on the California Almonds Website if you are unsure by the way), we invite you to join us, brand ambassador Zoe Ball, almond-aholic and super-fan Jodie Kidd, and The California Almonds team in the 21-day Snack Happy Challenge.  Get creative with your snacking ideas, even host your first Almond ‘partay’ or a snackathon-style meet- up with just as eager friends and family.  Whichever way you decide to partake in the challenge, don’t forget to send your ideas in.

Without further ado, we say it’s time to Snack Happy!  Watch Zoe Ball lead the way.. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-SJcLSHKCZQbdoa8NKVpelC7hT6z5Ap2

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