We’re all going on a summer holiday… but first we have to tackle the challenges that go hand in hand with flying. Bloating, dry skin, lack lustre hair, dehydration… not quite the beach accessories you had in mind? Jessica Latapie explores the seven golden rules for take off that’ll guarantee you’ll feel great when you disembark and head for the beach.

1. Scrub up
Cleansing and exfoliating the face can be so underrated but it’s perhaps one of the most important steps in your beauty regime, let alone pre-flight. Dead skin cells, grime and dirt all make for a dull complexion and prevent your moisturiser from doing its job. In the week leading up to your holiday, have a good scrub with something like Mauli’s Radiance Exfoliant, an Ayurvedic mixture with rose petals and sandalwood powder to lift away deep impurities and make your skin feel tighter and brighter. Use your usual cleanser to wipe away all the excess oil and dirt and you’re on to a winner. http://uk.spacenk.com/radiance-exfoliant/MUK200015006.html

2. Treat your skin
Once your skin is properly cleansed, your moisturiser and eye cream have room to do their jobs. As aeroplanes are heavily air conditioned, moisturising is essential to keeping thirsty skin quenched. To get the most out of your moisturiser take a muslin cloth or flannel on board and wet with lukewarm water to dab over your face prior to applying creams – this will help them absorb into your skin faster. Opt for vitamin rich creams (particularly A, C and E) that aid repair, like the Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado from Khiel’s. http://www.kiehls.co.uk/skin-care/by-category/eyes-lips/creamy-eye-treatment-with-avocado

3. Choose the right make-up
Try to keep make-up free for the duration of the flight, letting your moisturisers do the work and your skin breathe. If you’re eager to apply before you disembark, stick with something light like Perricone MD’s Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint, it has little pigment capsules that burst and add a radiant sheen to any skin tone as you massage it in and won’t clog pores. Having an eyebrow pencil and mascara to hand is also a good way to wake up the eyes! http://www.selfridges.com/en/perricone-md-face-finishing-moisturizer-tint-59ml_475-2000301-5319/

4. Control your hair
Bed head can be a good look, sometimes. ‘Plane head’ not so much. When you’ve been crumpled up trying to sleep leaning on one arm or a carefully adjusted neck pillow, it’s inevitable that hair gets flat and static, not to mention that wonderful air con drying it out too. Keep a lightweight hair moisturiser handy, like Dr Hauschka’s Neem Hair Oil, to rub into the ends of your hair once you wake up to maintain moisture, control and keep it looking shiny. http://www.johnlewis.com/dr-hauschka-neem-hair-oil-100ml/p124102

5. Eat right
When it comes to pre-flight food the first rule of thumb is to avoid salt. At altitude we are subject to fewer oxygen molecules, meaning that oxygen levels in the blood are lower and, therefore, salt levels are more concentrated. Your body deals with this by clinging on to water, which is where you tend to get bloated and skin looks puffy. Try to opt for fresh fruit, particularly bananas with inflammatory reducing potassium, vegetables and lean proteins rather than crisps and croissants at the airport – you’ll be thankful for it we promise!

 6. Hydrate
It’s always tempting to get started on the holiday cocktails as soon as we step into the airport, but try to save them for the beach. The mixture of altitude and aggressive air conditioning are extremely dehydrating to the body so opting for water or herbal teas over your usual Martini will decrease the chances of the bloating and puffy skin. The Nosh Detox ‘mile high’ pack is a great kit aimed to make it easy to keep hydrated, immunity boosted and travel sickness at bay. After all, nobody wants a green complexion. http://www.noshdetox.com/product/nosh-mile-high-pack/

7. Boost circulation
Sitting still for extended periods, and whilst at altitude, limits circulation hugely. Getting up and moving around is key but not always possible and let’s face it, sometimes we want to catch some sleep to make sure we’re ready to go at the end of the journey. Dry skin brushing before flying can aid circulation. Use something like the polishing body brush from Aromatherapy Associates on dry skin, brushing the skin upwards in a circular motion to get the blood flowing. http://www.net-a-porter.com/gb/en/product/391477

Now you’re ready for take off, we hope that you enjoy the flight and have a happy, healthy holiday!

words by Jessica Latapie