Here at Hip & Healthy HQ we are herbal tea hedonists. We adore our daily cups of warming and nourishing plant-based goodness, but it’s not only for their delicious taste and the lovely comforting feeling they induce. Pukka teas offer a whole host of additional health benefits all in your daily cuppa. Read on for the teas we turn to for a healthy mind, body and soul…

For a leaner bod… Pukka Detox + Detox w Lemon 

The two teas we’re making sure to make the most of during our cleanse this week is Pukka’s Detox and Detox with Lemon teas. Brimming with cleansing superstar ingredients such as sweet aniseed, crisp fennel, sweet liquorice, peppery coriander and cleansing celery seed, this tea has been designed to support your body in ridding of unwanted toxins, soothe the digestive tract and get your body functioning at its optimal level – crucial for a flat tummy and weight management.

For long-lasting energy… Supreme Matcha Green 

If you’re yet to switch from your daily cup of coffee to matcha tea, detox week is the perfect time to do so! Whilst we love treating ourselves to a frothy matcha latte, when we’re feeling like something a little lighter with just as much of an energizing kick, we turn to Pukka’s supreme matcha green tea. A mix of matcha powder blended with the goodness of three fairly-traded whole leaf greens for an added boost of antioxidant rich nourishment, try this in the afternoon when you start to feel your energy flagging for a healthy pick-me-up.

For a strong immune system… Lemon Ginger + Manuka Honey

One of our favourite all-natural immune boosters, Pukka’s Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey tea is our cold weather essential. A spicy-sweet blend of sun ripened whole Sicilian lemons, slow-dried ginger root, FairWild elderflowers and a velvety kiss of manuka honey, this deliciously soothing winter warmer not only boosts the immune system to ward off flues and colds, but is a great tea to take when experiencing dreaded winter viruses thanks to its superchargerd array of cold-busting ingredients.

For a calm mind… Three Tulsi 

Dubbed ‘Holy Basil’ in India, Tulsi is a sacred herb known for its mind uplifting and body calming properties, three tulsi is our go-to tea tonic during busy times (or simply when we crave that zenned out feeling). Featuring green tulsi to sweep away inward clutter, purple tulsi for uplifting the spirits and zesty lemon tulsi to inspire you onwards, Three Tulsi has been created by Pukka’s Master Herbsmith Sebastian Pole to help bring out the best version of you – we love!

For a heart full of love… Love

When we’re feeling in need of a little soul nourishment, there’s nothing that hits the spot more than Pukka’s Love Tea. Featuring natures gift of FairWild flowers paired with a touch of rose to fill your heart and chamomile and lavender to soothe your soul, this fresh and fragrant tea has been made with love, dedicated to love and called love to inspire that warm and fuzzy feeling within us all. If we’re having a bad day or in need of a gentle pick-me-up, this sweet, loving tea is what we turn to.

Words by Zsa Zsa Vella

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