We’re on day 4 of our 7 day detox with Pukka! Read on for the workouts you should be incorporating into your week of detoxing and beyond…

Whilst we all know that exercise is an integral part of every healthy lifestyle, there are more positive benefits to it that meets the eye. As well as helping us to become stronger, more toned and improve our cardiovascular capacity, a lesser-discussed benefit of getting your sweat on is detoxification. Just be sure when partaking in any of the more strenuous varieties that you are making sure to consume adequate amounts of protein, healthy fats, complex carbs and veggies (discover our favourite foods to eat on a detox here).

Whilst our bodies are always detoxifying on their own accord, regular exercise creates the perfect conditions for the body to breathe, circulate and sweat out unwanted toxins on a daily basis. Read on for the most beneficial detoxifying exercises you should be adding to your fitness schedule.*


A great one to practise if you’re challenging yourself to a juice cleanse or a specific detox that requires rest and recuperation as opposed to high intensity exercise, yoga is a great way to get the body moving both externally and internally. If you’re incorporating yoga into your everyday as a means of enhanced detoxification, feel free to participate in more strenuous, sweat inducing varieties like Ashtanga and Power yoga to reap the greatest benefits. Just be sure you’re keeping your water intake high! Alternatively, if you’re on a juice or smoothie cleanse, gentler varieties such as Yin or Iyengar are styles that will best suit you.


Whilst aerobic exercise of any kind is a great way to get your sweat on, nothing quite beats running, especially when convenience and budget are considered! In addition to firing up digestion, increasing circulation and lymph, whilst we all know about the mood boosting nature of exercise, scientists in Sweden have recently found a direct correlation between running and reduced incidences of depression and stress. This is thanks to an enzyme released by the muscles during physical activity that is believed to detoxify harmful substances linked to incidences of psychological distress. A detox for body and mind!


HIIT is a great way to get your body moving and sweating in a short period of time, perfect for when you’re not in the mood for a longer training session or don’t have much time on your hands. There are lots of workouts out there that embrace this super detoxifying mode of movement (check out pinterest for an extensive selection), however it’s just as beneficial to keep it simple and focus on alternating between sprints and rest periods on a treadmill, the pavement, bike or elliptical. To get yourself started, try this workout right now:

  • 30 seconds jumping jacks, 10 second rest
  • 30 seconds high knees, 10 second rest
  • 30 seconds burpees, 10 seconds rest

Repeat 3 times!

*If you’re planning a juice or smoothie cleanse, gentle yoga or walking are the best exercises for you. For everyday cleansing where adequate nutrition is consumed, more strenuous versions of yoga, running and HIIT are all appropriate.

Words by Zsa Zsa Vella


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