A 100% organic blend of 11 different super-greens, including wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella and sea greens, Pukka’s Clean Green powder will help you feel incredible as it supports the body in coping with the polluted environments of the modern world that so many of us live in.

Due to the number of different super greens present, the powder offers a vast array of benefits – Wheatgrass contains a lot of chlorophyll, which is antibacterial so works as a natural healer, as well as improving blood sugar problems and helping to purify the liver; Spirulina is made up of 65% protein and amino acids and also contains anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids; Chlorella can be of help if you’re experiencing poor-digestion and bloating – it works to balance your gut flora by promoting the good bacteria in your gut; Sea greens not only provide your body with a comprehensive range of essential nutrients, but also provides trace elements which help your body to absorb more nutrients from the other foods in your diet; Kale sprouts are packed with beneficial compounds, in fact, kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Not only does it have anti-cancer properties, but it’s also a vitamin C powerhouse, helping to keep your immune system healthy as well as stimulating collagen production to give you strong bones and supple skin – and that’s just the effects of five of the eleven ingredients!

Supplements can vary greatly in quality, and some may even be lacking in the natural phytochemicals of the herbs (the crucial protective, disease-preventing part) – unfortunately this means your supplement may actually contain no nutritional value whatsoever!! Luckily, there’s no need to worry when choosing Pukka, as they use only the highest standard of herbs which have been checked to ensure the right level of compounds such as essential oils, polyphenols and flavonoids are present – these not only make the products taste brilliant by adding body and richness to the flavour, but will also ensures you’re receiving all the powerful superfood goodness of the plants.

The powder is so versatile to use, you really can sprinkle it on anything and everything! Drink it straight up, just mixed with water, or simply add to your usual juice or smoothie. If you’d rather change things up a little, then stir some into your morning porridge or chia pudding. Try blending with dried fruit, nuts and seeds to create delicious green raw energy bars, you could even experiment with making green pancakes or healthy cupcakes by mixing some of the powder into the batter! So with the new year already underway, make 2016 your year to go green, feel fabulous and celebrate healthy living with Pukka Clean Greens.

Words by Meryn Turner

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