Do you have muscular, joint or bone pain? Do you feel tired, fatigued and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder is estimated to affect one in fifteen of us in the UK!)? Then you may be suffering from a vitamin D deficiency…and unfortunately, apart from sunlight, other sources of vitamin D are few and far between.

But what is so special about vitamin D? Well, it’s not actually a vitamin at all. In fact, vitamin D is the hormone that encourages the absorption of calcium – the essential mineral that maintains strong bones, hair, nails, teeth and joint health. Vitamin D also has a powerful infuence on the immune system, helping to control inflammation, the root cause of many ailments and diseases.

And the D-deficiency goes beyond bone and joint health. Being a hormone by nature, it is not only our bodily health that benefits, but also our minds and souls that can be returned to total tranquillity and wellbeing. For example, vitamin D influences the functions of insulin, rennin, serotonin and oestrogen – hormones involved with health conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, depression and PMS. It can also influence obesity levels: being D-deficient can interfere with the ‘fullness’ hormone leptin, which signals the brain that you are full and should stop eating.

Yet, with our skin safely protected under thick scarfs, tights and thermals this winter, we are left with no other option other than to give up sunbathing and vamp up our sun-eating (is that a word? It is now!). Unfortunately for us, few foods contain worthwhile amounts of the vitamin, and if you are a vegan or vegetarian, the task may seem near enough impossible.

Before you panic, we’ve discovered an incredible way to keep our vitamin levels up this winter! We’ve teamed up with Get More Vits, the leading vitamin-infused water brand, to provide you with expert advice on how to keep your immunity strong and your overall health in tip-top shape this winter.

Get More Vits Vitamin D Water
Do you live a hectic lifestyle that prevents you from consuming all the nutrients you need? Then never fear, Get More Vits have got you covered with their range of vitamin-infused waters. They understand it can sometimes be a hassle to stay topped up by taking multiple pills each day so they created a product that was accessible to everyone, incredibly easy to digest and really delicious too. Their Mango & Passionfruit Vitamin D water contains no sugar and no artificial ingredients making this the perfect option for all you Hip & Healthies out there. Get More Vits’ resident nutritionist, Becky Graham, says

“Due to the integral nature of vitamin D for everyday bodily functions, by February we’re collectively at a year-round low so it’s no surprise that this is also the time of peak flu incidence. One long-term study on 19,000 people found that those with low vitamin D were 40% more likely to have a respiratory infection.”

Providing vitamins on-the-go, Get More Vits are our go-to this winter!

Get More Vits Vitamin D


How do you like your eggs in the morning? Sunny-side up? Well, a large chicken egg provides 6.7% of your daily intake, and 90% of this is in the yolk. And that’s not the only nutrient found in eggs that will help keep you healthy and young. Eggs also contain protein, essential amino acids, choline, and sulphur. The wide variety of vitamins and minerals housed inside an egg are great for promoting healthy hair and nails along with a healthy body overall. Why not brunch on our eggs and avocado on toast recipe? A total body conditioner to make sure you carpe diem!

Warning: don’t fall for the D-deception – many juice brands claim that a glass of their OJ in the morning can contribute to your daily D-allowance. In fact, fruits and vegetables contain negligible amounts of vitamin D, so are subsequently fortified and processed to achieve ‘nutritional goals’; a process that can damage the true nutritional content of the food. This is a similar story when it comes to fortified oatmeal and milk. Here at Hip & Healthy, we feel that foods should be kept as natural and pure as possible to ensure the maximum nutritional benefit. Don’t forget our mantra: go ‘whole’ or go home!


Who needs the sun when you can supper on a simple salmon? Half a fillet of sockeye salmon has more than 1,400 iu of vitamin D – more than twice as much as most people need in a day! For those who prefer a heartier steak of fish, swordfish is similarly a fantastic source, providing nearly 100% of your body’s needs per three-ounce serving. Check out these delicious Chili Salmon Burgers and be prepared to radiate an inner and outer glow!

Fancy dining like the rich and famous? Well, oysters are not just the natural nibble choice with a glass of bubbly. In fact, oysters contain incredible nutritional properties containing several important minerals and vitamins to maintain your healthy, youthful glow. Importantly, about 6 medium sized oysters provide about 67% of the vitamin D the average person needs each day. As if you needed an excuse to order the largest platter…

Want to boost your Nicoise salad? Team your anchovies with the omega 3 rich pickled herring! A single fillet, or about 143 grams, brings over half the daily value of vitamin D the body needs, and is also high in protein, calcium, and phosphorous to ensure your bone density and strength will defy the ageing process! Counter daily wear-and-tear with this bone-boosting beauty!


Mushrooms are the only plant source of vitamin D, they absorb sunlight much like we do. Choose wild or those grown outdoors and keep in direct sunlight to increase vitamin D content.

So, whether you’re a brunch babe, a fan of the fish, or wish to support your balanced diet with Get More Vits Vitamin D water, be sure to be bone strong and beautiful this winter!

For more information on Get More Vits, head to www.getmorevits.com