When women get older, many things happen inside their body. The hormone process is slowing down, and the skin starts to loose it’s elasticity and glow. But Imedeen has proven that getting older doesn’t necessarily means looking older. That’s why the new Imedeen Derma One is the friend you should turn to if you want to fight ageing.

Imedeen, a brand established in 1991, has been sold in 35 countries worldwide. With 25 years of experience, Imedeen has marked themselves as one of the top brands to support women’s skin, hair, nails etc. Whether you’ve noticed the small signs of ageing or not just yet, the Imedeen Derma One will absolutely help reveal your most beautiful skin!

When women hit their mid-twenties, they stop producing as much collagen as they did before. The skin will therefore produce more wrinkles, feel less elastic and will lose its natural glow. But, luckily, Imedeen has found a way to slow the process down and give the skin a natural boost kick.

Our mid-twenties seems terrifyingly young to start needing assistance with slowing down ageing but it’s important to start early to achieve the best results. With Imedeen Derma One you’re guaranteed to get the boost your skin needs to be its beautiful self. It’s enriched with a special Marine Complex, Zinc and Vitamin C. The Marine Complex will improve the skin structure and give it the moisture it needs, due to the ingredients within the Marine Complex. These ingredients are similar to the proteins in our skin, collagen and elastin, and by incorporating these into your diet, your skin will get a natural boost and once again be elastic and dewy. Besides this, it’s also enriched with Vitamin C, which is included in the process of making Collagen, and Zinc, which contributes to maintaining well-balanced skin.

Think it sounds too good to be true? 10 clinical studies show it isn’t! But it’s not just the science and studies behind it that gives the brand credibility. Women love it too.

Numerous women have tried Imedeen Derma One and 99% have loved it so much, that they would actually recommend a friend to try it. No wonder why it’s won so many awards! By adding Imedeen Derma One to your daily beauty routine, you’ll achieve younger-looking, radiant skin and a definite boost in self-confidence. The beauty is, it only takes two tablets a day!

Tried + Tested by Sadie Reid, Founder Hip & Healthy
Throughout time my skin has always fluctuated between being dry and flaky and oily and spotty. I have never felt that I have found the trick that keeps it looking glowy and healthy all year round… until I got pregnant. Throughout both my pregnancies my skin was the best it has ever been. Something to do with concoction of hormones being just right for my skin made it look younger than it ever has as well. But then like all good things my great skin had to come to an end when I had my gorgeous baby. At this point things went from bad to worse as the lack of sleep started to also take its toll and the added stress of having a newborn made me age five years overnight! As the months started to roll on and my skin wasn’t improving I decided to take matters into my own hands and try Imedeen Derma One as I had heard great things. At first, I am sure, my skin got worse but I was quickly reassured that this was just my skin going through a bit of a detoxification process. I was right to stick with it and after around 3 weeks my skin started to look healthier and had lost its dryness. My pigmentation then improved and any blemishes I was getting before started to disappear. By the end of the three-month trial my skin had the natural glow that I had only ever achieved in pregnancy!

You can both read more about the product or find a retailer here www.imedeen.co.uk Imedeen also have other packages, so there’s definitely one that’ll suit you and your body. Beautiful skin begins within – Are you ready to begin?



words by Amalie Luther