Om Tribe Yoga Studio is just five mins from Canary Wharf, but will give you the yogic headspace to make you feel a million miles away. One writer investigates.

words by Bex Fairbrother

Hidden beneath the sprawling mass of towering skyscrapers that is Canary Wharf, is the unassuming power yoga studio, OM Tribe Yoga. This quirky, bohemian exercise space is an exciting and positive addition to an area which is often seen as quite soulless and generic in its choice of buildings and shops. Not only is its presence in the area very much welcomed, the studio and staff are also approachable, charming and helpful, whilst the studio is a large, airy, inviting space with a high, beamed ceiling.

The name of the studio, OM Tribe Yoga is particularly apt as the classes are a unique fusion of calm (OM, the most sacred mantra) with dynamic, ‘tribal’ movements and asanas. There are classes to suit all levels of experience including Vinyasa Flow, Jivamukti and Power Vinyasa. Their signature class is Hot Power Yoga which was the class I tried. If you are looking for an invigorating and dynamic workout, I would highly recommend this class. It essentially takes place in a warm, heated chamber. However, as it is only heated to 28 degrees, it is much less intense than the stifling heat of Bikram Yoga and allows you to achieve a deep flexibility throughout your body.

Power yoga is vigorous and dynamic, forcing your body to challenge itself, pushing it to new limits. Great if you love trying new workouts and like mixing things up whilst also testing your body and your mind’s endurance. It is essentially a moving meditation. As there is a quick pace and rhythm to the class, there is no time for your mind to wander as you are constantly made to focus on the here and now.

There was a strong emphasis on the sun salutation sequence at the beginning of the class and then various, dynamic poses were added in which you challenged your body, pushing it to new limits. These simple movements practised in infrared, radiant heat has a detoxifying effect on the body whilst also enabling you to move deeper into the stretches with both comfort, ease and safety. The class was accompanied by upbeat, energetic music which was well synced to the postures whilst the teacher was easy to follow and passionate, giving modifications on various poses where necessary, whilst also helping certain students get deeper into their asanas.

At OM Tribe Yoga, it is not only the classes that strip everything back to basics, the studio building itself is essentially a disused wooden workshop which has been renovated to make a light, airy yoga space. It creates a strong contrast to the surrounding, polished structures that characterise this mini, financial metropolis.


The studio is tucked away in a peaceful spot, just a short walk from Canary Wharf station. It is fully equipped with all the necessary yoga equipment including mats, blocks, straps etc, whilst the facilities, despite not being overly spacious are super clean and include toilets, showers and a changing area. At reception they offer free filtered water and herbal tea and there is also bottled water and other drinks to buy as well as towels to rent.

They also have a number of reasonably priced membership offers, including 3 weeks of unlimited yoga for £30 for new students, allowing you to come as many times as you like during that time period. If you’re not hooked after the first few classes, you definitely will be after 3 weeks.

As yoga is known for its stress-reducing qualities, this small, bespoke studio will ensure that even in the heart of the city you come away feeling relaxed, revived and more supple, oozing maximum health and vitality.

For more information visit: www.omtribeyoga.com/visit-the-studio