If you only do one thing this week… Eat More Almonds

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Why should we eat more almonds? 

  • They are a natural source of protein (great for muscles) and fibre (ideal for digestion). So your body will be beach ready in no time.
  • Your skin will glow due to their high vitamin E content. A handful of almonds (30g) provides you with approximately 65% of your daily requirement of vitamin E.
  • They have just gone down in calories according to experts. A recent study has found that almonds have approximately 20% fewer calories than originally thought. A handful of almonds (30g) actually has 138 calories rather than the 173 calories listed on labels.

When should we eat them?

You can add almonds to anything – smoothies, salads, fish dishes. But expert Nutritionist, Amanda Hamilton, recommends “eating a handful of almonds every day as a nutritious snack” to help control hunger.  To show you just how great almonds can be for you California Almonds is currently running the Snack Happy Challenge, encouraging women to snack on a handful of almonds every day for 21 days to see what difference it makes to their life.  Amanda also says “Studies show that when you are stressed it makes it harder to choose the right foods and people will often reach for high-sugar and unhealthy snacks. Having a healthy snack to nibble on, such as almonds when you feel pressured, can help stop you heading for the vending machine.”

So get involved.

For the chance to get a free snack pack of almonds visit www.AlmondBoard.co.uk/SnackHappy Tweet about the challenge using the #snachkhappy and let us know how you feel by including us in your tweet #hipandhealthy.