With Easter fast approaching, you can’t blame us for having chocolate on our minds! In fact, we love chocolate so much that we wish we could have it for breakfast! This article is dedicated to all those chocoholics out there… we’ve scoured the internet to bring you some seriously delicious chocolate breakfast recipes that are ACTUALLY healthy!

Most of us automatically assume that any recipe with chocolate as it’s main ingredient would be deemed unhealthy. Usually those recipes contain high amounts of sugar an other processed ingredients which definitely won’t do us any good. The below recipes get our chocolatey seal of approval because they use un-refined raw cacao. Often confused with the processed coaco, raw cacao has a host of benefits and surprisingly, antioxidants too! Abundant in magnesium and other phytochemicals, the powerful cacao bean can help balance blood pressure, lower high cholesterol and even scrub away arterial plaque!

We are serious when it comes to breakfast! What we eat in the morning needs to be fulfilling and energy-boosting with absolutely no artificial sugar.

Below are just some of our top pics of healthy chocolate breakfast recipes to help satisfy your sweet tooth with out compromising on your health!