Occasionally a product exceeds all my expectations, and so it is the case with Cellular Goods CBG Serum. But first, let me tell you a bit more about my personal skin story.

I have a conflicted relationship with my skin. Having always been a picker, every spot or blemish that makes its way to the surface is magnified by my incessant touching and squeezing of it. During my teens and early twenties, this became somewhat of an obsession and way of dealing with stress until I got pregnant with my first son and my skin got very clear very quickly. With nothing to pick at, the problem largely went away, and I felt great about it. However, a few years after my second son arrived and now in my mid-thirties the spots, open pores and blackheads are back but this time with one huge difference – if I picked them they would take so much longer to heal. We’re talking weeks. My skin was nowhere near as resilient as it was in my twenties. Plus anything I did pick would scar beyond belief. I wound up feeling pretty down about my skin and the emotional knock-on effect was huge. I stopped picking after noticing that the path to healing was much slower and not always complete. Plus, I now also had some pigmentation and wrinkles to contend with. Now I’m not someone that wants my face to look as though it’s frozen in time but I do like to feel my best and look my best too as I do believe that they are closely intertwined.

Enter Cellular Goods Rejuvenating Cannabinoid Face Serum. Its unique formula includes two standout ingredients; Matrixyl, which is a revolutionary anti-ageing peptide that visibly reduces everything from fine lines and wrinkles and even has been proven to combat collagen loss even more effectively than Vitamin C and as effectively as Retinol. This was huge for me as my skin isn’t great on Retinol due to it increasing the dryness in my skin. Plus, it also includes the hero ingredient CBG. Now you may have heard of CBD but chances are that this is the first you’re hearing of CBG (but you’re going to hear a lot more about it as it’s a potent part of this unique serum that is a driving force behind why it’s so brilliant). Like CBD, CBG is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t create a high like the THG in traditional weed does. A breakthrough skin-soothing anti-inflammatory, CBG works with the skin’s endocannabinoid system to alert our body to regulate oil and collagen production and control pigmentation. It calms redness, protects the skin from irritation, and slows down the skin’s ageing process whilst also speeding up the skin’s ability to heal. In other words it was everything I needed and more. 

For me, after just a couple of weeks of use, I started to notice an extreme difference in my skin. My pigmentation was reduced (and wasn’t flaring up in the sun like it had been doing over the years), my blemishes healed so much more quickly, my whole appearance was healthier, smoother and the wrinkle in between my eyebrow that is especially prevalent when I’m telling off my children or reading off a computer screen became vastly diminished. It was as though the clocks had turned back and I was getting another chance again at looking after my skin. 

And it isn’t just me that has experienced such great results – clinical trials revealed that after 4 weeks of serum use 91% said the serum rejuvenated their skin, 88% said the appearance of their skin was visibly improved, 92% said their skin was healthier, with discomfort & irritation reduced, 81% said their skin was firmer and lifted and a whopping 94% said their skin was soothed and remained calm all day.

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words by Sadie Reid