This family-owned hospitality and wellness group truly takes a 360° view on sustainability, wellness, and natural luxury, so, if there is one name you should keep in mind when you’re booking your next wellness trip, it is Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel. With their own yacht, private villas, beach club, spas, vegetable gardens, boutiques, and restaurants, as well as their own fundraising, living the Atzaró lifestyle is actually possible.

Their main estate, and perhaps their brightest gem of all, is Atzaró Agroturismo hotel on Ibiza – a luxurious, yet relaxed, sanctuary set in a 300-year-old finca in the middle of the island. The stone walls, handmade terracotta floor, and the rustic beams in the ceiling are kept from the ancient original building and even family portraits and photos of the finca’s ancestors can be spotted around the house. In addition to its iconic and unique history, what also really elevates this luxury hotel is its generous size for all the guests. The 24 rooms get to share the 13-hectare big estate (some exclusive suites even have their own pools, terraces, and private gates), which makes this the ultimate hideaway when you’re craving a peaceful and zen vacation away from buzz and people. The fact that Atzaró is such a large estate is a big part of their luxury and a reason why people choose to come here over other hotels – you don’t get to experience this type of serenity and peace anywhere else on this island. And as soon as you enter the lush patio in front of the reception, you can immediately feel the tranquillity of the place. You might hear a few croaking frogs from the little lilypond and some chirping birds from the surrounding trees, but the rest is just pure serenity and bliss.

Atzaró Agroturismo is a place that is in total harmony with nature and their “natural luxury” concept can be found in everything from the professional and incredibly friendly staff to the relaxed, yet extravagant pool area. Their philosophy and idea around their food also show this concept very well – how going back to nature is actually what we desire the most nowadays, and that is what we truly consider to be luxurious in today’s modern and busy world. Being able to eat farm-to-table foods that come straight from the garden, or even just walking along the orange grove dotted with palm trees is something that has become a rare luxury for both our bodies and minds. Atzaró really gives you that experience thanks to their enormous garden where you find an abundance of their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, such as passion fruits, tomatoes, papayas, avocados, apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuces. Paying homage to its roots and the fact that Atzaró has had generations of the same family working the land, the garden is a central part of the hotel and gets electricity from the on-site solar panels and water from the estate’s own well.

Much thanks to this abundant and incredible garden, the food is so amazing that you will not have to worry about making reservations elsewhere on the island during your stay – you will be more than happy to eat every meal every day at Atzaró, especially since there actually are several restaurants at the property. Enjoy breakfast (dishes such as avocado toasts, chia puddings, eggs, and fresh juices) at the beautiful Finca restaurant La Veranda, dine at The Orange Tree, which is a spectacular courtyard garden restaurant, or why not schedule a Vegetable Garden Barbeque evening where you get to eat outside among all the Cypress and Olive trees. Soak in poolside days where you relax and refresh by the spa- and pool bars and sip on your juice while soaking up the still atmosphere in the large lounge beds. And if you’re in the mood for some lunch as well, the seabass ceviche is a must, as well as the grilled salmon and the avocado salad with butterleaf lettuce. To finish with something sweet, their grilled pineapple with coconut ice cream is an excellent option for dessert. Atzaró really manages to show how the most delicious food actually is healthy and nutritious, and if you feel like leaving the hotel for just a short excursion to treat your taste buds even more, book your table at the romantic restaurant Aubergine by Atzaró (where the aubergine ceviche should be on your order) or check out Atzaró Beach by Cala Nova for a dip in the ocean while sharing some drinks and small dishes by their day beds.

When you’ve browsed through the food menus, it’s time to check out the Wellness Schedule where you find yoga, meditation, Pilates, and more dynamic workouts among the weekly classes (around 20 classes in total per week). Perhaps starting the day with a “Spiritual Awakening Yoga” or “Pilates Fusion”, or maybe unwind in the evening with a “Himalayan Soundbath Meditation” or “Breathwork”. A gym session is also always an option, and make sure to end your holistic self-care ritual with some time in their spa facilities, such as the sauna and hammams for some extra purification and rejuvenation. Cleanse and unwind in the two steam rooms, and maybe pick out a treatment from their array of therapies, such as classic massages, pedicures, a wide range of facials, and much more. The wellness facilities are open to both guests and visitors alike, and you can buy both day passes or invest in a monthly membership.

Another villa worth checking out if you’re around Cape Town is Atzaró Cape Town, an exquisite house nestled by the foot of Table Mountain with jaw-dropping views over the city, its own wellness suite, and accommodation for 14 people. Another amazing member of the Atzaró family is Prana by Atzaró, the 55 metres authentically hand-crafted solid wood yacht in Indonesia with four decks, nine suites, an air-conditioned indoor lounge, dining areas, a rooftop yoga deck, a spa, and an open-air cinema. The two-masted wooden Phinisi yacht is actually the largest and most luxurious of its kind in the world, and if you’re searching for a tranquil getaway with a hint of adventure, this should undoubtedly be on your bucket list. And last but definitely not least, Atzaró even has its own fundraising and non-profit association dedicated to supporting local charities and environmental organizations in Ibiza, such as an educational program training people at risk of social exclusion, support to children with cancer, raising awareness of humanity’s essential relationship with the ocean, and more. Atzaró’s aim is to give back from a percentage of takings at their own events, and these funds are raised to benefit those most in need locally and then distributed by the association’s charitable partners.

Thus, with their strong focus and genuine passion and dedication around wellness and sustainability, Atzaró is truly making the world a better place, and we can just hope there will be more projects and members to this incredible family and bundle of gems in the near future.

Matilde Wergeland

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