Combat mental and physical health all in one hit with our round-up of the best boxing studios in London. One of the main reasons we love boxing-based workouts is because of the focus they require, it’s not just a physical workout, boxing tests you mentally too. Learning combos and pushing past your comfort zone is a great exercise for the mind! So, forget your preconceptions of dingy boxing gyms, these state of the art boutique studios put a modern spin on boxing, combing high-intensity training, mobility exercises and boxing combos into one very sweaty, high energy workout.


Channel your inner fighter and build technique at London’s luxury boxing-based fitness studio, 12×3, situated in Paddington Central and Aldgate. Kitted out with punch bags, speedballs and a boxing ring, you get the real atmosphere of a London boxing club in 12×3’s premium studios. The energy during these classes is high as 12×3 founders Darren and Ryan were both professional boxers and feel strongly about teaching the roots and core of boxing in every session. Whether you’re a beginner, have experience, are male or female, 12×3 boxing will offer a challenging workout for all. As boxing has traditionally been a male-dominated sport, it’s refreshing to see 12×3’s focus on gender balance in their new ‘Gender Balance’ class. The partner classes show how men and women can achieve their best results by working together. Each class will put you through your paces, starting with a blood pumping warm up of jogging around the ring with floor taps, direction changes, high knees and short bursts of speed. This will be followed by four rounds of exercises including floor work, using the boxing bag, workouts in the ring itself and circuits. You are guaranteed to leave feeling empowered, confident and fit to tackle anything life throws your way.


FLYKICK brings a brand new fitness concept to Fitzrovia, combining HIIT training, mobility work, cardio kickboxing and core work into one workout! Their aim is for participants to have fun whilst harnessing and releasing their more resilient, stronger-self. The signature class begins with a full body HIIT circuit to get the heart racing, next comes 8 minutes of much needed active recovery during the stretch and mobility section. The trainer will then take the class through combinations of jabs, hooks, uppercuts, push kicks and roundhouse kicks, these combinations require your undivided attention meaning there is no time to think about those emails piling up in your inbox! This is the time to let loose on the bag and really get lost in the workout! A killer core finisher is then completed with a partner before the cool down. This energizing class is not about ego, once stepping into the dark-lit studio, all focus is on your sweat-inducing workout and what you can get out of it! Whether the goal is to carve out muscle definition, blast body fat, master a specific boxing technique, clear the mind or just have some fun, the answer can be found at Flykick and is guaranteed to leave you with that post-class endorphin high!


KOBOX is London’s liveliest boxing club, with pumping music and strobe lighting, this workout will leave you bouncing off the walls with endorphins. There is no wonder it’s loved by celebs like Jourdan Dunn, Ashley Roberts and Ellie Goulding! Each class is split equally between the bag and the wall. KOBOX use a ‘Punch By Numbers’ system to make things simple and easy to follow the instructions given by the trainer. Each 5-10 minute punching round is guided through a numbered combo which is also displayed on the wall in case you forget. Following your bag round, you will move onto the wall station where you’ll complete tailored conditioning exercises to work the particular muscle group that class is based around. The classes range from Lower Body, designed to get you buns of steel, Upper and Core which will sculpt your arms, back and shoulders as well as carve out those abs, Core which will demolish your torso, Bodyweight which is designed to push your body to the limit using only itself and lastly, Total Full Body which will work every muscle top to toe. KOBOX’s studios are based in Chelsea, Marylebone and the City.


Want to fight like a champ? BXR is the place to do so, with two approaches to boxing this boutique gym accommodates everyone from white-collar and amateur fighters, professional athletes to beginners looking to try boxing and have some fun. If you are serious about your boxing and want to take things to the next level, the combat coaching sessions taught by elite trainers including London’s most respected boxing coaches, ex-champion boxers and world-class strength and conditioning coaches will enhance your technical skills and improve your fitness. These sessions take place in the state-of-the-art boxing gym with a full-sized ring and vintage punch bags. If you’re lucky you might catch heavy-weight champ Anthony Joshua, mid-training session to pick up some tips as he is one of BXR’s partners! If you simply want to sweat away your stresses, definitely try Sweat by BXR ‘Skills’. These classes include high intense rounds of boxing, bodyweight exercises and core drills with high energy music to keep you motivated throughout. The dark studio has a great atmosphere along with high energy that will keep you buzzing for the rest of the day!

words by Isabelle Shury

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