You are what you eat and you are what you sleep (on)! We all are much more aware of the great importance sleep has on our health. Sleep helps to regulate things like our hormones and appetite, it also is crucial for healing and regenerating new cells. So why wouldn’t you want to invest in what you actually sleep on? We spend (or should spend) a good 7-9 hours out of 24 hours in bed so we think getting your bed set up just right is vital to getting that all-important good night’s sleep.

Below, we share our conversation with Robert Lancaster Gaye, founder and director of luxury bedding company, Tielle Love Luxury. He shares his knowledge on why we all should invest more in our bedding and also throws in a couple of sleep hygiene tips too (which we’ve definitely taken on board!).

How did you first come to work in the textiles industry?
Rewind 45 years, and, when the Managing Director of FB Lecky (eventually part of the Mitre Group) came to my school looking for a protégé, I chose to go out into the real world and flex my business muscles rather than study architecture at university. From a grounding in wholesale textiles in a small London warehouse to running the UK operation of Ewart Liddell (part of Coats Viyella), I count my blessings that I truly understand the journey from thread to bed. Launching the UK market for Frette back in 1990 was the start of a partnership which still continues to this day in some of London’s finest hotels.

30 years ago I met Joe Molloy, who heralded from Belfast, a city made famous very many years ago as being home to the finest linen manufacturers in the world and so our partnership started. We shared a vision and exacting standards, which meant that our linen has graced the bedrooms and restaurants of the world’s finest hotels for the past quarter of a century.


Where did the idea for Tielle Love Luxury stem from?
We were getting daily calls from guests who’d stayed at one of the hotels we supply and wanted to recreate that exceptional night’s sleep at home.  So many people had finally had a truly restful night’s sleep that we decided to take the most loved items from these hotels and make them available online for anyone to buy.


What makes Tielle Love Luxury’s linen so incredibly soft and luxurious?
We work with carefully selected mills, each are master craftsmen of the products they make. We insist on the highest quality and our textile expertise mean that we can carefully consider each individual part of the process to ensure each of our products are the very best of their kind. From our Cool & Crisp percale to our Smooth & Silky sateen, each line is chosen with care to meet the exacting standards of our hotel clients and withstand the rigours of the daily laundering.

Tielle Love Luxury

What would you say are the hero products from the collection?
Without a doubt, our Savoy feather and down pillows are one of our most requested products; along with our Classic Hotel 300tc bedlinens.


Onto bedroom hygiene! How often should we be changing our sheets?
We recommend that bed linen is changed weekly, and our 100% cotton bedlinens can be washed nice and hot (60-90 degrees) to ensure they stay bright white.  Air dry them if possible or tumble dry until almost dry and then iron whilst still damp to get that perfect hotel finish.


Your filled products are incredibly popular. Why is it important for people to invest in good quality duvets and pillows?
We spend a 1/3 of our lives with our head buried in our pillows and under our duvets, so we’re often surprised to hear how little thought or investment people make into them.  A pillow that’s responsibly made from high-quality ingredients will last around three years – that’s 1000 sleeps – before losing its ability to fluff up and offer effective support.  A good quality pillow will also bounce back well after being washed properly. Our Savoy pillow is our single most popular pillow and is a blend of high-quality feather and down.  Our grade 1 feather and down is all sourced as a by-product of the food industry and cleaned to in excess of EU regulations, the hand filled to our exact specification into double stitched 100% cotton pillow casings to ensure no escaping filling.


How should we look after our duvets and pillows?
We recommend always using pillow protectors on pillows and washing these on a hot wash every other time you wash your pillowcases.  They will prolong the life of your pillows and stop nasty marks. We always recommend that you have your natural fill pillows and duvets professionally washed to avoid damaging the filling through over drying and for synthetic ones always carefully follow the instructions on the label but a good quality pillow will bounce back well after being washed properly.

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Tielle Love Luxury

Robert Lancaster Gaye with Joe Molloy