Kicking off the first in our new series called “My Health Habits” is award-winning vlogger, blogger, podcast-er and lifestyle influencer, Anna Newton of The Anna Edit. We adore her YouTube videos and definitely aspire to have a wardrobe as organised as hers! To celebrate her first book, An Edited Life, Simple Steps to Streamlining Your Life at Work and at Home, below she shares with us some of her health habits!


My non-negotiable health habit

Reformer Pilates at least once a week. Not only does it help with my flexibility that is extremely poor usually, but it also relaxes me and forces me to have time away from my phone and social media. When I don’t go I feel it; not just physically but mentally too. With regular sessions, I’m able to touch my toes which is so exciting!”


My guilty pleasure

“It’s a controversial one, but a Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza WITHOUT the cheese. I know, I know. I blame my hatred of melted cheese for the one time that I almost choked on a lasagne in an Italian restaurant, but in my eyes, pizza is just better without it. I’ll see myself out now…”


My desert island beauty product

“Now this is tough, but I’m all about that SPF! The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream SPF30 is brilliant because it moisturises and provides protection without feeling heavy on the skin at all. I use it all year round and I think it would be a smart choice for a scorching climate!” 


My favourite workout right now

“I tried Aerial Yoga recently and really enjoyed it. It was a nice mix of stretching and strengthening at the same time and so much fun too. You go upside down and swing around and it’s so different to your usual workout classes. I felt great afterwards and want to make it a regular fixture in my routine.”


My de-stress tool

“I know it’s a classic one, but you just can’t beat a bath complete with aromatic bath salts and a candle. It’s just heaven, isn’t it? Sometimes I read a book, other times I perch my laptop next to the bath and watch a re-run of Friends for the 176th time. It works like a charm every time and I try to get one in at least once a week.”


My biggest health extravagance

“Lululemon Align Pants. It feels extreme to call them life-changing but they seriously are. Made in a fabric that feels like butter and form-fitting but stretchy, they are a dream to work out in, but also brilliant for lounging about and travel. I have more pairs than I wish to count and convert all my friends into buying a pair. You can thank me later.”


My evening ritual

“I really enjoy doing my skincare routine in the evening. I usually have a podcast on or watch a YouTube video while I do it and it takes around 10 minutes. I remove my makeup, cleanse, use a jade roller to help with puffiness and then add in all the moisture to my dehydrated skin. I find it really relaxing and my skin appreciates the T.L.C.”


My greatest achievement

“Writing my book ‘An Edited Life’. The process took almost a year from start to finish and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions; from writing the first sentence to holding the first finished copy in my hand. LOTS. OF. TEARS. Such an incredible experience. I still can’t believe that I wrote 80,000 words on life organisation – I really do love it that much!”


An Edited Life by Anna Newton (Quadrille, £16.99) is published on 10th January