The big vegan protein debate will always crop up amongst discussions of veganism and plant-based eating. Truth be told, there are so many ways to get your recommended intake of protein without the need for animal products….pulses, nuts and seeds are all ideal choices. But what about vegan protein supplements? Whey protein powders that once dominated the supplement industry are now being pushed to the back of the shelf in favour of vegan-friendly alternatives. Typical to the supplement industry, there are way too many to choose from! Here are our top vegan protein picks if you’re struggling to chose!


Great taste and scientific backing are the reasons Norvia makes it on to our shortlist. Founded by Scandinavian Dr Lars Hoie, Norvia has been 30 years in the making through scientific research and rigorous clinical trials to achieve the perfect blend that is natural, effective and good for the body. Derived from the soy plant, the Active Performance range (our favourite) really delivers a complete range of nutrients and minerals designed to improve performance and maintain muscle mass during workouts. Choose from Arctic Chocolate or Ice Vanilla (both epic) and add it to your smoothie for a delicious rich flavour. TIP: We love making overnight oats with the Arctic Chocolate flavour! Top with raspberries and almond butter to make it even better!

Free Soul vegan protein

Free Soul
Free Soul pride themselves on providing “real nutrition to women” and maintain a no BS approach to their high-quality products. We love this message! Their vegan blend is made up of a mix of pea and hemp protein along with an impressive amount of extra nutrients like magnesium, maca and iron to help support optimal hormone function and bone health. With delicious flavours like chocolate, vanilla, berry and ginger biscuit, Free Soul allow you to get creative with your post-workout shake!

Form Nutrition

Form Nutrition
We’ve been huge fans of Form for a while now and it’s down to their philosophy, what they stand for as a brand and, of course, their delicious protein blends. The people at Form understand that having access to good food and good nutritional advice is a luxury many people around the world, in particular, third-world countries, don’t have access to. With that in mind, they donate meals to The Bansang Hospital in the Gambia for every product sold. Their Performance, Superblend and Pureblend proteins create the smoothest post-workout smoothies and provide all the nutrients you need to refuel after a tough workout.

words by Molly Jennings

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