A highly nourishing and hydrating moisturiser that helps repair and protect the skin barrier, especially during the harsh winter months…

OSENA stands for – ‘Original Supplements Enriched with Natural Adaptogens’ and their Moto – is to ‘Respect your body. Respect your planet’ with a mission to create minimalist, sustainable adaptogen solutions that nourish and protect your body from daily stressors, with minimal impact on the environment.

Today, modern life constantly depletes us, leaving us simultaneously overstimulated, exhausted, and ultimately off balance. Osena was created to help people find balance in their everyday life. They care about your wellness and want to help nourish and protect your mind and body so that you can reclaim your best self. 

The launch of their moisturiser is the introduction to their skincare range to complement their adaptogen drops to help take care of the outside elements of your wellness. Their aim is to create a simple skincare regime that utilises potent ayurvedic herbs and looks after the health of your body’s largest organ – the skin! 

Osena keeps things minimal, but meaningful, creating multi-purpose products with intentional ingredients that temperamental skin can rely on. 

This amazing new moisturiser includes probiotics, which helps to rebuild and strengthen the skin barrier by boosting the production of ceramides that trap moisture in the skin. 

5 entrants (picked at random) will receive:

1 x sample of Osena Herb Creme Moisturiser worth £40.99

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