Tongue scraping is an ayurvedic wellness ritual, a regime used to help elevate the mind and body to kickstart your day. We all know that oral hygiene is important and we do so by brushing our teeth daily and often flossing too, but this ancient approach to ensuring optimal oral hygiene and overall wellness is a habit you should consider taking up! 

What Actually Is Tongue Scraping?
Tongue scraping is pretty much what it says on the tin! It’s the removal of the top layers on the tongue performed by using either a plastic or metal tool (pain-free!). Over time bacteria and dead cells build up on the tongue causing unwanted effects such as bad breath, however regular tongue scraping can help combat this alongside other surprising benefits.

Improve Sense Of Taste – Research has suggested that regular tongue scraping can improve our taste by twice as much! That alone is a great reason to hop onto this wellness movement! 

Removal Of Bacteria & Better Breath! – Secondly, by removing layers of dead cells on the tongue you are also removing bacteria that has built up. This can further improve the appearance of your tongue too with this bacterial layer often being seen as a white coating. Daily scraping can aid in preventing this white looking layer to reappear. Bacteria can contribute to the likelihood of developing gum diseases or tooth decay which can therefore be prevented by a tongue scraping tool. Additionally, by getting rid of this bacteria better smelling breath follows!

Improved Gut Health – Did you know that our tongue is the first point of contact for our GI (gastrointestinal) tract? This means that our gut health all starts in our mouth, so a happy mouth = happy gut! By removing bacteria with the technique of tongue scraping we ward off this from making its way into our gut. Those that suffer from IBS or constipation may greatly benefit as a result of this with less bacteria getting into the gut and triggering these certain reactions. 

Overall Immune System Support – Alongside all the amazing benefits already listed, it has been suggested that tongue scraping aids in sustaining a healthy immune system by supporting both the mind and body to be cleansed. Tongue scraping offers the enhancement of all-inclusive wellness by helping to minimise infections, preventing sore throats and blocked noses, all of which contribute to a happy body and overall health.

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper


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words by Jasmine Voges-Eagle