For a long time now, I’ve wanted to up my snacking game. Over the past year we’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time at home – me, the kids, my husband, and when it was allowed, our lovely nanny too- and the one thing that needed constant replenishment was the snack cupboard, or the “yummy cupboard” as it’s known in our house. But the problem was that all our snacks were never quite hitting the spot; there was the sugary sweet treat that would supply us all with energy, only for us all to crash and burn five minutes later; then there were the healthy-but-tasted-like-cardboard rice cakes we all tried. Later I spent an inordinate amount of time making the whole Reid team smoothies – but after my youngest spilt his second in a row and eldest refused flat out to drink them due to the brownish colour – I quit; only to end up back in the sugary snacks realm. So, you can imagine my relief when I was introduced to ZENB – a delicious tasting, plant-based snack brand that works for the whole family. 

ZENB is inspired by the Japanese word ‘Zenbu’ meaning ‘whole’, which reflects the brand perfectly, as their popular Veggie Sticks and Veggie Bites snacks are made from as much of the whole vegetable as possible from peel, stem, seeds and all – to preserve taste and help to raise awareness around the issues of food waste. 

Plus, you can rest assured knowing that these organic snacks are not only a source of fibre but  are also free of any artificial flavours and preservatives. The ZENB ethos is one to admire as well, especially as we dive head-first into 2021; the planet and people are at the heart of what the brand is all about, with the sole aim of helping their customers live a balanced and happy life 

ZENB Veggie Bites come in five tempting flavours, each one complimented by an enticing blend of fruit, nuts and spices, from ‘Carrot, Pineapple and Coriander’ to ‘Beetroot, Orange and Cacao Nib’. They are the perfect deskside companion for when that 4pm hunger strikes! The Veggie Sticks are available in Beetroot, Carrot, Pumpkin and Red Pepper, and are ideal for moments on the go, whether you’re taking your kids to the park or out for a walk. The entire ZENB range is available exclusively from ZENB.co.uk.

So, whether you are vegan, flexitarian, meat-eater, or just someone that wants to up their snacking game – the ZENB snacks are perfect for grazing on the go, or for times when you feel stuck at home.

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