Caleño is bringing joy to not drinking and is here to Joy-Up January. 

10 lucky winners have the chance to win a Caleño Tropical Twinpack worth £25 each which includes their Light & Zesty and Dark & Spicy 20cl bottles – it’s time to set your spirit free!

Caleño is a range of distilled non-alcoholic spirits inspired by the sun-drenched spirit of Colombia. The founder, Ellie is on a mission to bring joy to not ‘drinking’ by capturing the intense flavours, rhythms and colours of her vibrant motherland

Caleño takes you seamlessly from day to night. 

Light & Zesty, a tropical and refreshing blend of Inca berry, citrus and spice botanicals is made for sunny daytime socials and is best served over ice, with tonic water and garnished with a tropical Inca berry.

Dark & Spicy is a warming infusion of dark tropical pineapple notes, ginger and kola nut spices for those bare-legged balmy nights and best served over ice, with soda water and a generous squeeze of fresh lime.

Time to set your spirit free?

Let’s Joy-Up January together this Dry January.

10 entrants (picked at random) will receive a Caleño Tropical Twin-Pack worth £25 each which includes their Light & Zesty and Dark & Spicy 20cl bottles 

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