Up until recently, the astonishing impact our digestive system has on the rest of our health was relatively unknown. With 2020 thrusting gut health into the limelight, we now understand that things like restless sleep, bad skin, poor immune function and IBS are just a few of the common problems associated with an unhappy gut. It’s recognising the contributing factors that cause these common complaints and seeking out the right solutions that will help you along your way to eliminating these symptoms. Winter can be a difficult time of year to keep on top of your gut health, especially after the onslaught of Christmas indulgence! With the boozy festive season well and truly behind us, turning your attention to restoring your gut health should be a top priority. One sure-fire way to get on top of your gut health asap is through supplementation and The Nue Co are on a mission to redefine the relationship we have with our health by offering targeted solutions to a number of common problems including, gut health, immunity, stress and skin. Harnessing the power of science and nature, they have created a range of clinically-proven, toxin and preservative-free supplements, that are dedicated to helping you feel your absolute best.

Gut health basics…
Inside the gut, you will find trillions of bacteria; it is these bacteria that make up the “microbiome”. What does the microbiome need to thrive? Diversity, and that primarily comes from the food you consume. We know that eating the same foods week in week out will result in a less diverse microbiome so when they say eat the rainbow, they really mean it! Another interesting fact we now understand is that the gut wall is home to around 70% of the cells that form your immune system, so you can see just how vital a role your gut plays in your overall well being.

One woman who understands the importance of gut health is Jules Miller, founder of The Nue Co. After struggling for years with the debilitating symptoms of IBS, and having no luck with the multitude of supplements that actually made her symptoms worse, she made it her mission to do more research into gut health, find out why it’s so important for your overall wellbeing and ultimately, uncover exactly what it needs in order to thrive.

Inspired by her grandfather, who was a chemist and lecturer at Cambridge University she set about creating her own line of effective supplements that would not only ease her own struggles with gut health but provide others with the solutions to overcome their own digestive issues. This led to the creation of some of her best-selling products like Prebiotic + Probiotic and Debloat+… more on those later!

What can we do to nurture and protect our gut health?
First off, establishing a good gut health routine is key to seeing long-term results and this is something The Nue Co really strive to help you do. Their subscription service means you never have to think about restocking your favourite supplements or be caught short. Good gut health takes commitment, for sure, but it’s definitely worth it when you start reaping the benefits of a solid routine.

Your microbiome is affected by so many factors – genetics, the environment, our lifestyle habits and the food we eat. You may not have realised but a healthy gut doesn’t just result in better digestion and less bloating. It also has a significant impact on other elements of your wellbeing like how your immune system responds to pathogens and viruses and even your energy levels. Stress also plays a massive role in how our digestive system functions… your swollen tummy and irregular bowel movements could, in fact, be a direct result of the pretty stressful year we’ve all had! 

One area of your body that your gut has a very strong link to is skin health. You may be surprised to learn that something seemingly so unrelated to your skin could hold the answers to your greatest beauty woes! Jules says,

“The skin is often thought of as a mirror to the health of the gut. Interesting studies have shown that people suffering from digestive issues often have a high prevalence of acne or other inflammatory skin conditions.” 

So, if the myriad of beauty products in your bathroom cabinet aren’t doing you any favours, you find yourself always catching the office cold or you get bloated at the drop of a hat, what can you do? This is where The Nue Co’s hero products come into the picture…

Prebiotic + Probiotic
Starting off with the foundations of creating a happy gut is most certainly a daily probiotic supplement. But why stop and just probiotics? The Nue Co.’s Prebiotic + Probiotic supplement has been created to form the building blocks of optimum gut health and with both included in each dose, this is essentially what’s known as a symbiotic. Think of the prebiotic as a “fertiliser” for the probiotic… it works by encouraging your good bacteria to multiply and grow. The Nue Co, use spore-based bacteria in their formula which has a few benefits… it cleverly lies dormant until it reaches the small intestine, meaning the 15 million dosage doesn’t get broken down in transit, plus no refrigeration is needed as this form of bacteria is shelf-stable. A 2016 double-blind placebo trial found a vast improvement in symptoms like abdominal pain, gas, constipation, diarrhoea and bloating.

Who’s it good for?
Everyone! Whether you’re struggling with long-term digestive issues like Jules did, so over getting every cold coming or you want to get to the crux of your unhappy skin, the Prebiotic + Probiotic should become the foundation of your journey to good gut health. By integrating this into your daily routine (made all the more simple with The Nue Co’s handy subscription service), you’ll be hitting reset on your gut and flooding your microbiome with all the good stuff!

Another one of The Nue Co’s hero products is Debloat+. Their best-selling supplement, Debloat+ is a fast-acting remedy to uncomfortable bloating caused by dietary upsets and long-term gut issues such as IBS. Their hero product contains a blend of 17 digestive enzymes to give your gut a helping hand in breaking down food as well as reducing unwanted digestive symptoms. In a third-party clinical trial, the ingredients in DEBLOAT+ were proven to reduce bloating, upper abdominal pain, gas and heartburn by 51% in 30 days. Containing anti-inflammatory superfood Turmeric as well as Licorice Root, one capsule morning and evening with food will banish the bloat in no time.

Who’s it good for?
If you’ve had a heavy meal or you’ve perhaps eaten a little too much of a food you don’t tolerate so well, then Debloat+ is a great standby when your digestion feels a little sluggish. Ideal for treating both chronic digestive problems as well as reactive symptoms that come from dietary changes, this is a must-have for when uncomfortable symptoms like gas, bloating and even heartburn come knocking on your door.

What other lifestyle changes can aid good gut health?
In addition to The Nue Co’s effective supplements, there are certainly other lifestyle habits that can benefit your gut…

  • Pimp your smoothie: Smoothies are a fantastic way of cramming in a whole host of nutrients (think plenty of superfoods and green goodness!) so by adding in The Nue Co’s Plant Protein (that also has added probiotics) along with gut-loving fruits and veggies, you’ll be on your way to a winning breakfast.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate: Water is essential for all sorts of things but dehydration can easily put a spanner in the works when it comes to digestion. Grab a reusable water bottle and keep it by your desk so you don’t forget.
  • Don’t neglect your gut health on the go: Energy Food sachets are perfect for travelling (whenever that might happen again!) when you wake up feeling tired and sluggish. As well as containing probiotics to help support your gut on the go, each sachet contains a potent blend of adaptogens to stabilize energy, support adrenal function and reduce cortisol levels.
  • Note it down: keeping a food diary can provide an incredible insight into what sets off your digestive system. Record foods, snacks, meal times and even bowel movements for the ultimate insight!
  • Have a quick fix on standby: Containing a natural blend of burdock, dandelion, clove and liquorice in an apple cider vinegar base, Digest Start is ideal for kick-starting slow digestion and getting things moving again.
  • Don’t forget to chew: Chewing does three things; physically breaks down food, saliva is released which contains digestive enzymes and it also triggers the release of acid in the stomach and digestive enzymes in the intestines. No more gulping food in a hurry… Slow down at mealtimes and take your time!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to take charge of your gut health this New Year. As a little treat for H&H readers, you can get 20% off at The Nue Co using the code HH20. For the month of January, The Nue Co is also offering an extra 20% off 12 month subscriptions across all products.

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