If we had to trust one person to pack our suitcase in a time of crisis, it would 100% be beauty blogger, author and seasoned traveller, Estée Lalonde! In celebration of her new book, Bloom – Navigating Life And Style, she shares some of her top packing tips to getting holiday organised!


I’ve had some decent experience packing for all different types of trips and I’ve learned a lot about it along the way.

I’ve experienced forgetting my underwear and passport way too many times for my liking, so I’ve devised a few tips that help me pack as efficiently as possible.

1. Pack to mix and match your wardrobe. When it comes to choosing which clothes to bring I always try to make sure that most things go together. For example, I usually wear the same jeans but with a few different tops to give it a different look. It saves space in my suitcase and I don’t have to pack as many outfits

2. Roll your clothes. This is such a simple and easy thing to do but it will save you so much space in your suitcase as well as reduce the amount of wrinkles in your clothes

3. Use packing cubes! These are a relatively new find for me but they are really useful little items because it keeps everything organized. Think of them like drawers for your suitcase. I usually have one for undergarments, one for tops, one for bottoms and one for miscellaneous items

4. I always bring an empty bag for dirty clothes and undies. There is nothing worse than putting a pair of dirty underwear on top of a clean top. Put all of the things that need to be washed in the bag so it’s all together in your suitcase. It also makes it a lot easier when it comes to unpacking because you can just chuck it straight in the laundry hamper instead of sorting through your whole suitcase

5. Leave a bit of extra space in your suitcase in case you do some shopping. I know sometimes we say we won’t do too much shopping on vacation, but there’s always that mug or pair of shoes we can’t resist. It’s best to pack a bit lighter in case of a shopping emergency


Extracted from Bloom by Estée Lalonde. (Ebury Press, £16.99) – Get your copy here!