Thinking of trying to pave your way in the publishing world or want to fulfil your childhood dream of writing a novel? Estée Lalonde (Author of Bloom – Navigating Life And Style) reveals 10 things no one tells you about writing a book!!


  1. You spend your life surrounded by a mountain of half-full cups of tea


  1. You will experience every emotion possible


  1. When inspiration hits, drop everything and start writing


  1. You become nocturnal


  1. Human interaction becomes almost non existent


  1. You’ll live in your pyjamas


  1. Snacks are your lifeline


  1. You’ll be reminded of things you thought you’d forgotten


  1. The outside world is a far away land


  1. It takes way longer than you ever imagined possible


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(Isn’t Reggie her dog the cutest thing ever?!)



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