Kathleen Flemming reveals her top ten stocking fillers for the Hip and Healthy girl

1. Peppersmith Mints – It is always useful to have some after dinner mints in your handbag and Peppersmith boxes are perfect hand bag size. These mints contain natural ingredients and they have been accredited by the British Dental Health Foundation as being healthy for your teeth (www.peppersmith.co.uk for stockists).

2. Divine Dark Chocolate – The name “Divine” says it all. This dark chocolate is not only delicious but by eating it, you are also helping the cocoa farmers in Ghana. Divine is a truely fair trade chocolate company and it is the only fair trade chocolate which is part owned by the farmers. There are dark chocolate coins for Christmas but there is also a range of dark chocolate slabs (70% – 85% dark chocolate) including dark chocolate with raspberries and dark chocolate with fruit and nuts (www.divinechocolate.com for online shopping or buy it in Waitrose, Oxfam and many specialist food stores).

3. Satsumas – Satsumas are a classic Christmas stocking gift and perfect for a healthy stocking. Satsumas are packed with Vitamin C, low in calories and taste yummy, They are the perfect antidote to Christmas excesses. You can buy bags of satsumas cheaply from most supermarkets.

4. Mixed Nuts – Brazil nuts and cashews are my favourite but you can mix and match your nuts at stores such as Cranberry (www.cranberryuk.com). Nuts are packed with protein and good fats which help protect against heart problems. Choose raw nuts over salted and honey roasted ones.

5. Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair – This cream is amazing for tired post-party eyes. It contains naturally active ingredients including Vitamin E and soothing echinacea and it helps to reduce dark shadows under your eyes (GBP 14.25 at any John Lewis or Liz Earle store – www.lizearle.co.uk).

6. Origins Organic “Drink Up” Face Mask – After lots of late nights, eating and drinking skin becomes dehydrated. This face mask is made from organic ingredients and rehydrates tired faces (GBP 20, available in most John Lewis and Debenhams stores as well as online at www.origins.co.uk).

7. Lulu Lemon Ultimate No Show Run Socks – Socks are a classic stocking filler. For a runner’s stocking, Lulu Lemon running socks are perfect and they come in a stunning purple colour (GBP 12, www.lululemon.co.uk).

8. Yoga Matters Eye Pillow – Soothe tired eyes and enhance yoga relaxation with an eye pillow. These Yoga Matters pillows are filled with linseed and have removable covers (GBP 6, www.yogamatters.co.uk).

9. 1000 Places to See Before You Die, Patricia Schultz – Wondering where to go in the new year but need inspiration? This book is packed with ideas from Africa to the Americas as well as places in the UK for weekends away (GBP 14.99, available in all good book stores and www.amazon.co.uk).

10. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers – This book will inspire you to overcome your fears and follow your dreams in the new year. It is short, easy to read and contains many useful tips on doing what makes you truely happy (GBP 12.99, available at Waterstones book shops or online at www.amazon.co.uk).