It’s that time of year – Christmas is just around the corner – so close you can almost smell the roast turkey, and we have a million and one things to do before we actually get there. You have a personal ‘to do’ list that could rival Santa’s, and let’s not even get started with deadlines that need to be met at work. But we urge you not to throw your health compass out the window just yet as we feel that it may be the solution to get you through, unscathed, to the big day! See below for our favourite festive foods that fuel:

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” is the opening to one of the most commonly sung Christmas songs, and has fuelled our association with these nuts and the winter season. But there is much more to these babies than a festive song and dance. Full of the fat soluble vitamin B, that aids production of red blood cells and helps the break down of carbs, fats and protein for energy and enhances brain function. Protein packed, leaving you fuller for longer it is a great addition to your breakfast or afternoon snack. Full of Omega-3 fats (the good fats as shown on day 11) to rev your metabolism and maintain a healthy digestive system as well as glowing winter skin.

One of our favourite Christmas foods, dates, are a great way to add a sweetness to a dish without adding sugar. They have a host of nutritional benefits too. Dates are probably best known for their positive digestion effects, and are especially effected with helping relive the symptoms of constipation. This is due to the amount of fibre they contain. Fibre helps the digestive system work more efficiently and keep things moving. Increasing your fibre intake has been linked to a reduction in colon cancer and heart disease. Dates are also a healthy source of B vitamins, which is where the energy part comes in as B vitamins help turn your food into energy (which we explained a little better above).

I know, we kind of bang on a bit about this wonder spice. But if cinnamon was a spice girl it would be Sporty Spice – full of energy, prancing around the stage doing high kicks and judo moves, all whilst maintaing a consistent stability, her moods don’t change, she has only had one hairstyle and I’m pretty sure one type of tracksuit. This is cinnamon. It’s scent is said to give you energy and make you alert, but its overriding health benefit is stabilising blood sugar levels. We love it and we are pretty sure Sporty Spice loves it too.