Day Five
The last day of the cleanse and I have found myself worrying what I am going to do when I am not on it anymore. It has been so fantastic having Danni’s support and guidance throughout and I just text her asking how to ease myself off the cleanse – I needn’t have bothered as an email had already been sent to me with tips and recipes to stay healthy moving forward. My main concern was how to ease myself back into alcohol as I have a hen party… like… tomorrow! Danni did not approve of drinking the day after the cleanse but asked me to stick to champagne and vodka if I simply had to drink. So to make sure I see the cleanse right through (I have been known to fall at the last hurdle) I have booked a facial and tickets to see Batman. I am 3KG lighter – which is around 6llbs not that I did this to lose any weight but I also feel less heavy. My stomach has never been flatter and I just feel as I have pressed the reset button on my digestion. Danni recommends doing the cleanse four times a year – seasonally, which makes total sense. The weirdest thing about finishing this is that I am so looking forward to chewing food again, but at the same time terrified of re-toxing. Bring on the next cleanse in three months time.

Danni and Lisa’s Top Tip
Shake your drinks to wake them. Don’t worry if they are a bit separated, that’s just because they are unpasteurized to keep them as fresh as can be.

H&H’s Top Tips for Cleansers

Keep your exercise very light – a couple of yoga sessions, a few walks – nothing strenuous 

Stay busy – nothing like boredom to make you want to eat, eat, eat…

Book a massage or facial – treat this as a week all about you. Plus a massage will help your body to eliminate itself of toxins.

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