This March marks the launch of the most competitive cycle class in London! Third Space welcomes POWERIDE onto their schedule of amazing classes this March! The class uses live visual data to fuel your workout and benchmark your commitment to getting the fitness results you’ve always wanted.

Chase down your PB, chase down the best in the class. As the centre of fitness innovation, Third Space have equipped each rider with brand new bikes which offer a new breed of digital fitness technology using data to drive results, endurance and performance.

No detail overlooked, screens at the front of the studios encourage participants to attack their way to the top of the leaderboard. Graded on your effort levels and power zones, the race is anyone’s. POWERIDE is the ultimate class for spinning obsessives to breakaway and unleash their inner Wiggins/Trott!

A class for anyone looking to maximise their own power output and see fitness levels soar, each rider is put through the FTP Test (Functional Threshold Power) at the beginning of the class to determine their highest average power. Using this unique score to benchmark the intensity levels throughout the class to work the rider’s maximum potential each time.

Riding as a pack to heart-racing music, POWERIDE can be experienced in the newly revamped studios in the Soho and Canary Wharf clubs.

POWERIDE has launched in the Soho and Canary Wharf clubs and will be coming to the new City club from June!


More info at www.thirdspace.london