Newly launched de Mamiel Sleep Series is the latest wellness beauty product that aids a good night’s sleep. Rather than just bringing about a feeling of sleepiness, Annee de Mamiel’s profound knowledge of beauty and wellbeing as an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and healing holistic facialist, has allowed her to develop a range of five products which address the root causes of poor sleep.

Whether you struggle to settle down to sleep, frequently wake during the night or just feel unrested when your alarm goes off, there’s a blend for you.

De Mamiel’s Atmospheriques and Botaniques series have gained cult status internationally as they blend modern scientific research and ancient principles of Chinese medicine to create truly unique and highly effective products.

Stress and tiredness are heightened when we’re not getting proper sleep and this is written all over the face. The Sleep Series recognises this in being both a beauty and a wellness product, so you can say “good morning” to an energetic body and a radiant face!

Shop the Sleep Series, as well as the Botaniques and Atmospheriques, ranges from de Mamiel here on Hipandhealthy.com


Choose Shine to help you break through the clouds and find vivacity and joy in your day.


Turn to Rise if you feel exhausted and bone tired in the mornings and you need to boost and stimulate your system to face the day.


Choose Soothe when you are feeling anxious and struggle to let go of governing thoughts, keeping you from restful sleep or making you wake frequently.


Turn to Settle on those nights when sleep evades you, when you are wide awake and a to do list is running through your head.


One for light sleepers, Anchor calms an overactive nervous system, relaxing and soothing your mind.



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