Gone are the days when you could just toss in a few summer dresses and a bikini and be ready for some summer sun. Over the years, as my family has grown, so has my luggage, and I’ve learned some major packing hacks for going abroad with children that will make the journey a whole lot easier and happier for all. 

Ages Newborn – 2

Take the Car Seat with you: The first holiday I did as a mum of two was when Max was 3 and JJ was 6 weeks old. We opted to bring JJ in the car seat over the pram and it was a great idea as he slept happily in his safe space from the car, to the car seat wheels, and then his final transition onto the plane was just as smooth. And he felt totally protected. We also managed to nab business class flights (these were the days when we weren’t beholden to kids’ summer holiday prices) and JJ’s car seat slotted in perfected in the seat in between me and my husband. 

Bring a Comprehensive Backpack: Backpacks make excellent cabin bags when you’re a parent. They free up your hands at the airport and if you choose wisely offer a ton of spots to stash everything from milk bottles to snacks. This Small Cabin Backpack from Rock is a favourite as it’s durable and will slot nicely under your airplane seat for easy access. 

Ages 2 – 4

The Trunki: The Trunki is one of the best modern-day traveling essentials if you have young children. A ride-on kid’s suitcase, the Trunki comes in a variety of designs and colours so you’ll be sure to find one that your toddler loves. Not only can they literally ride it making navigating airports and distant gates so much easier,  but because it also acts as cabin luggage for your little one, if you pack it with all your little one’s essentials then you can rest assured that you’ll have access to everything you need not only for the duration of the flight.

Ages 4 – 8

Wireless Headphones: A must-have for those kids who will happily while away travel time on a screen of their choice, wireless headphones are their ultimate travel companion. Make sure you choose a pair that fit your kids head. My littlest son has a tiny head and needs child-sized headphones or he spends the entire flight asking me to hold them on his head. Whereas my eldest son has an adult-sized head and so can wear adult-sized headphones. I particularly love Belkin’s Soundform Mini Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Kids for their colour choices and their simplicity to use. 

Sadie’s Traveling Must-Haves

it Luggage’s Duo-Tone Large Pewter/Black 8 Wheel Suitcase

Super lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, this bag looks super stylish and is easy to identify. 

Chuck Taylor High Tops from Converse

Lot’s of walking requires super comfy shoes. I love these Chuck Taylors as they go with everything from my favourite tracksuit to cute shorts, making them a great transitional shoe when you get to your destination too.


Sunglasses are an essential item on any packing list. Call me old school but I am still a huge fan of Ray-Bans and always will be!

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