Nutrition Meets Beauty: Discover the new anti-ageing skincare brand that’s like a smoothie for your face feeding your skin to the same nutritional support you would for your body.

An ex-beauty insider + CEO has teamed up with a world-class nutritionist to bring you a French beauty brand with a difference – products and a philosophy that work in harmony with your natural body clock and treating your skin with the same self-care and detail that you would your body.

The Story

Ex-CEO of premium French beauty brand, By Terry, Marion Assuied, found that after years of running a busy lifestyle, she had hit a breaking point and suffered burnout. So she decided to do something about it, “I started to see a Nutritionist to get more energy and serenity and balance in my life”, Marion explained. And it was this new lifestyle that led to a brand fresh way of thinking for Marion who had begun spending hours on rebuilding her health and wellness. Once she started to feel better she had her light bulb moment “I realised that I was spending hours on my body’s health and should start working on my skin in the same way…I decided to work closely with nutritionists to build an in and out program for my own skin health – and the concept of INUR was born”. INUR’s co-founder, Nutritionist Valerie Espinasse, specialises in anti-ageing and was perfectly positioned to create a skincare line that can effectively turn back time. 

The Ingredients 

INUR uses all-natural and skin-enhancing ingredients that deliver real-world results. From Aloe Vera to Matcha, the brand ensures its superior quality by picking ingredients that are grown on Jeju Island – an UNESCO World Heritage site and formulates its products in Korea, which offers some of the best and most innovative skincare labs in the world. The products also contain pre-and probiotics, which are all rigorously tested and proven to actively work with the skin’s own natural system. 

ChronoBeauty Explained

INUR has designed products that work with the natural rhythm of the skin. This means that your pre-bedtime ritual really is one of the most important things you can do for your skin and it matters what you apply before you go to sleep. While the body rests, the natural cells’ skin renewal is boosted. The highest number of cell divisions occurs between midnight and 1am, while the lowest happens during the day between 12pm and 1pm. That’s the reason why during the night there are the optimal conditions for the skin to absorb the largest amount of active ingredients. In the morning, benefits are visibly improved, and results are enhanced.

The Products We Love

Purity Day and Night Cleanser: The best way to wipe away the dirt and grime from the day, this gentle cleanser removes impurities and pollutants, leaving skin fresh and hydrated. Activated with Aloe Vera and pre-and probiotics it helps balance and protect, which in turn delivers bright, glowing skin!

Breathe Day Cream: To set you up for the day and give your skin the best chance of being protected, this amazing Breath Day Cream works wonders at adding moisture to the skin. Matcha, Aloe Vera and Pre- and Probiotics all combine to will help the skin to feel replenished and illuminated. 90% of users report that their skin looks and feels more plumped and healthier. 

Realign Night Shot: Great for sensitive, oily or combination skin, the Realign Shot works overnight to remove redness and blemishes and any irritation too, leaving skin feeling softer and more even upon waking. A whopping 94% of users reported feeling an improved texture and healthier-looking skin.

Renew Sleeping Mask: This mask is amazing! Packed full of natural microbiome protecting ingredients, this mask nourishes skin overnight to deliver incredible results in the morning. Nighttime masks are a trend we are seriously onboard with as not only do they work with the natural rhythm of the skin but also they are so easy to apply and give your skin a much-needed boost. 94% of users said their skin was better hydrated and nourished and 92% said their skin felt smoother. This mask is an absolute must-have for those wanting to get their beauty sleep this summer. 


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