Here at Hip & Healthy we scour the globe; speaking to brands, visiting cities and working with some of the most influential leaders in the industry to make sure we bring our tribe the most functional, fashion-forward and wearable activewear all year round.

Last week, we hosted an exclusive yoga class and breakfast at the luxurious COMO Metropolitan on Park Lane. Over a vegan breakfast banquet, we caught up with some of London’s most renowned health and fitness bloggers to discuss what we forecast to be the biggest trends in sports luxe come 2016. Read on for the inside scoop…


Although the ‘power print’ legging craze is still making its mark as one of the biggest active wear trends of 2015, in 2016 we’ll be seeing it step aside, allowing for bold colour blocking to enter the spotlight. With monochrome and primary colours set to steal the show, brands such as Charli Cohen, Blue Life Fit and LURV are already nailing this aesthetic. By infusing classic styles with a contemporary edge, these Hip & Healthy approved brands feature lines that flatter the physique through clever panelling, proving that a classic never goes out of style.


For the last couple of years we have seen some really cool waistband designs, however, once paired with a tank these sadly become a hidden feature! This year, we’ve already started to see designers playing around with interesting cuts that reveal waistbands without making the wearer feel conscious that their tummy is on show. We are also seeing some really flattering all-in-one designs that boast beautiful backs! We predict that these are soon to become essentials for practises such as yoga and fitness classes where you are required to bend down a lot as they wont be revealing any unwanted downward dog hazardous butt cracks!


When the market of fashionable sportswear first emerged a few years back, many small start-ups and high street stores jumped on the bandwagon, launching their own collections. All looked great, but many of these brands failed to pay attention to the detail in the fabric, the performance of the fit and the longevity of the item. Whilst this may have been ok a few years ago, it isn’t anymore. Our tribe wants to (proverbially speaking) have its sugar-free cake and eat it too. They want functional and durable sportswear that not only looks great, but performs fantastically. The most innovative brands are currently pushing the boundaries of what can be done and we’ll see lots more of this as the industry continues to grow, with features such as vented panels in all the right places, antiviral silver woven into fabrics and zip lock pockets especially designed to fit your iPhone becoming a commonplace attribute – we have even seen crystals integrated into fabrics to ensure maximum temperature monitoring thanks to their natural cooling ability! When it comes to sports luxe, the possibilities really are endless and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to share with you what’s next to come. Watch this space.