To celebrate the launch of PRISMSPORT on Hip & Healthy, this week’s #FITSPO’s are none other than the inspiring designer duo behind the New York based brand. Read on for an insight into the fit and healthy lives of Emily & Lori – PRISMSPORT founders.

As the amazing masterminds behind PRISMSPORT – what inspired the two of you to start up a line of activewear together?

E&L: The inspiration originated from being uninterested and bored with wearing black to the gym; we were seeking out individualized apparel and there was nothing available in the market at that time. This resulted into creating a line of clothing that we wanted to wear everyday, while suiting our needs, desires and preferences.

Since we were already spending all of our time in exercise clothes, we decided to create activewear that was colorful, expressive and fashionable. We wanted the same creative, unique and fun activewear that we were wearing everyday in our street clothes.

Emily you were a freestyle skier, and Lori you were a little bit of everything; from a gymnast to runner and more recently a yoga instructor – what initially inspired you both to take up sports?

E: My mother required that we were outside playing after school until it was time for dinner, coming from a big family, we could easily create team sports and field the entire team.

L: I loved sports ever since I could walk; for me, it was just fun and I enjoyed every sport I tried.

We are so excited to be stocking your new collection! If you each had to chose a must-have piece what would it be?

L: The marble track pant is definitely already a must have for this fall. The black and white pattern is transitional from summer to fall and the modern silhouette makes it an attractive street piece and workout staple. It’s super comfortable, light and cozy; and it has pockets! Everyone loves the pockets.

E: I would have to say the butterfly yoga flare is receiving a large amount of attention already for fall. The colours are vibrant and rich and it’s a perfect crossover from working out to everyday life; also, butterflies just make everyone smile. The flares in denim right now everywhere and silhouette of this piece nod to the ‘70s trend and make it an easy transition to dress up or down.

You gals must be super busy running your own company! How do you stay balanced, healthy and calm amongst the chaos?

E: We don’t! –haha. Just kidding! To be honest, we stay balanced, calm and healthy through working out and eating healthy.

L: I take classes most mornings, either yoga or barre. I come in calm, I don’t always leave that way.

E&L: We try and maintain our sense of humor above all. We have a very familial working environment between us and with our employees, and we try to be accommodating of all needs including family, each other’s and ourselves.

What does a typical day look like for the both of you? From the breakfast you eat to your before bed rituals…

E: A typical day for me begins with going to the gym, followed by breakfast, which usually consists of an egg white sandwich. On nicer days, I take my bike for transportation and enjoy stopping at Bryant Park to get a cup of tea on my way to the office. Before bed, (around 10 p.m.), I enjoy some relaxation time by reading a book or watching one of my favourite TV shows to wind down the day.

L: The first thing that I do in the morning is walk my dogs and make my tea. I attend either yoga or a barre class; sometimes I go for a jog. Afterward, I pick up breakfast on my way to the office, usually an egg white, spinach and feta wrap. Once I arrive at the office, connecting with everyone and catching up on emails are the first part of my day followed by reviewing sales, online and showroom appointments, working on product lines, out of office appointments and anything else that is print, pattern and sales related. By the end of day, if I haven’t gone to a fitness class in the morning, I take an evening yoga class; otherwise I make dinner at home or go out with my husband and/or friends. Before bed (11 p.m.), I walk my dogs one last time and relax by reading a novel.

What are some of your favorite exercises and healthy tips?

L: Yoga is always my favorite exercise because of the calmness and grounding that I receive from it; I leave class feeling like a wash cloth being rung out. Lately, my new favorite practice is SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Yoga.

E: For my favorite exercise, I would have to say martial arts training. My new favorite thing to do is Parkour at Brooklyn Zoo, I love anything where I am learning a new skill.

L&E: It’s important to take care of your spine through staying flexible, stretching and thinking about posture often. You will stay young for a long time if you’re always moving and being active everyday. Everything in moderation is key; taking brisk walks, a difficult exercise on the weekend and stretching every night before bed are all healthy practices to incorporate into any weekly routine. As far as healthy tips, lean meats including fish and chicken, lots of water and plenty of green vegetables are the key components of our diet.

You’re both so inspiring to us, but who has inspired you to achieve all that you both have?

E: Lori has been an ongoing inspiration for me. Having a partner like Lori really pushes me to keep going and do things outside of my comfort zone. She makes an irreplaceable partner and we’re an unstoppable, powerful team.

L: After my first career in publishing, ‘chapter 1’, I began my second career as a stay-at-home mom, ‘chapter 2’. It’s important to show my kids that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to at all points in your life. This is my ‘chapter 3’, where I am showing my kids the flexibility of life, the unpredictability of it and what they can accomplish if they set their minds to something they really want.

What can we expect from PRISMSPORT in the future?

L&E: You can expect a growing collection that continues to blend the best performance attributes with lifestyle and fashion elements. In addition, more distribution, larger collections and constantly evolving styles and concepts. We have plans on continuing to grow and nurture the PRISMSPORT community of retailers, athletes, celebrities, social influencers and everyone who is buying our product and/or connected to us in some way.