In these uncertain times, stress has unfortunately come to the forefront of most of our minds and in a whole new way. Our daily stresses have taken a backseat as worry and fear has set in due to our health. Here at Hip & Healthy, our health and well-being is one of, if not our top priority and investing in our health is something we do on a daily basis whether it’s indulging in our skincare routine, taking our supplements, completing a workout and right up there at the top of the list is our mental health.

A world of knowledge, Terrence The Teacher has been teaching mindfulness and hypnotherapy for nearly twenty years. Having been the port of call to many high profile individuals who generally experience a lot of daily stress, Terrence is not only an expert in his field but also has the ability to make his clients feel an instant sense of calmness which is a feeling many of us are moving further and further away from. On top of the ever-changing stresses we face in our day-to-day lives, the dreaded situation we are currently living through has added a sizably amount of pressure onto our shoulder. With most of us worrying about friends and family as well as ourselves, the Coronavirus has really shaken the world. If you are experiencing stress and anxiety, talking to somebody about it and learning the fundamental skills to combatting these issues can be so beneficial. 

I was lucky enough to meet with Terrence The Teacher at the luxe brand-new Wellness Clinic at Harrods, where Terrence has his own therapy room. Setting things straight in my mind, Terrence gave me huge reassurance that I had the ability to deal with and address the qualms I often face using an incredibly simple tool we often take for granted…breathing. 

Silencing the mind is almost impossible but what Terrence helped me to understand is that you can slow down the active beta brainwaves through breathing techniques. When we are active our brainwaves are operating in beta waves, when we practise mindfulness we are trying to slow down the brainwaves to alpha which is a slower brainwave, allowing us to be calmer. In alpha, all the parts of the brain start flowing together and that is when you feel anxious overriding thoughts quieten down. Long-term practise of mindfulness will result in the body being able to experience these alpha brainwaves for long periods of time without any interruption, which is utter bliss!

There is often a preconception that hours of sitting in complete silence is required to achieve this state of calmness but in reality, it is a lot more accessible than you may think. Whether you have five minutes or an hour, practising mindfulness through breathing can be done at many levels to see the instant benefits. Sure, the more time you spend is going to help achieve a deeper sense of relaxation but for beginners and those who simply do not have the time, dedicating a short period of time each day is more realistic and will no doubtedly help you to tackle anxiety that has built up. Furthermore, you do not have to necessarily be somebody struggling with your mental health to invest in this. Everyone can benefit from daily mindfulness to soothe the body and check-in with yourself. 

Adopting simple yet effective breathing techniques, Terrence educates his clients to help them utilise their ability to breathe. Using techniques such as The 7/11 Breath, The Belly Breath and The Labelled Breath in his sessions, you will learn to interrupt the thoughts in the mind through tuning in with your breath and focusing on nothing else. 

Bringing your attention to your breath can be done literally anywhere at any time which, as Terrence pointed out, is such amazing quality as it allows us to practise mindfulness whenever we need it. Once you have learned the tools you need, you can immerse yourself in mindfulness at any needed point. Whether you are having a stressful day at work, your children are driving you up the wall or you’re worried about a situation, mindfulness is a real lifeline that helps you step back and calm down.

If you are currently experiencing stress, anxiety or you would simply like to talk through some problems and learn some skills on how to practise mindfulness at this incredibly tense time, Terrence The Teacher is offering one on one mindfulness and meditation online. 

Visit his Instagram page to get in touch or email at [email protected] for more information.

Words by Isabelle Shury