Throughout this week, we’ve been highlighting the significance of good quality sleep for your health and wellbeing. It’s clear that lack of shut-eye hugely impacts our bodies and many of the essential functions it needs to perform to keep us alive and well. Nailing that evening wind-down routine can be a little tricky if you’re not used to having one so we’ve asked some of our favourite people within the wellness industry to reveal their evening rituals and how they get in the zone for bedtime in the hope it might inspire you!


Hollie Grant, Founder of Pilates PT (and fellow Hip-Lister!)

“With the combination of running my own business and having a 10-month-old baby I have to be really strict about my nighttime routine. I try to put my phone on charge, outside of our bedroom, from around 8 pm. I get a million emails and whatsapps a day so this break is so important. For years I have sprayed my pillow with lavender oil and my current favourite is the Neom Pillow Spray. Once in bed, I try to write down 5 things I’m grateful for in an old gratefulness journal my husband bought me from Kikki.K years ago – this helps me end the day on a positive. I also write in my daughter’s journal if she’s done something new that day. And then I read until I can read no more. No phone. No TV. But sadly the buzz from the baby monitor (you can’t win them all).”


Sadie Reid, Hip & Healthy Founder

“As a mum of two boys under aged five, my evening ritual is far from perfect. I get home from work around 6 pm and then I try and give the boys my undivided attention for most of the following hour. Bedtime for them takes way too long and I’m often not back downstairs after settling them until around 8 pm! At this point, if I haven’t eaten, I’ll make a light supper – such as noodles and turmeric vegetables or caramelized salmon and sweet potato. I then tend to finish off bits and pieces from the days work but by the time it gets to 9.30 pm its computers and phones away and time to chill. If I am not already crawling into bed at this point, I’ll run a hot bath and add some essential oils into the tub to give both my mind and body a break. I try not to look at my phone again as I find it can make me super anxious and affect my sleep so, after this, I’ll read a magazine or watch TV (usually Friends – don’t judge me) in bed. Then it’s lights out at around 11 pm.”


Lily Simpson, Founder of The Detox Kitchen

“I get home at 5:30. Make food for the whole family. We eat at 6 and after I have a bath with all three kids (maybe weird but nice and an excellent time-saver!). I put them in bed at 7 and I read to them for 30 minutes. I then take my dog for a walk. Then I’ll either read the papers or watch a series. I tend to switch the tv off at 9 and put my phone away at the same time. Cleanse and tone! Then to bed. I’ll always read a book before bed, it makes for a better night’s sleep.”


Michael James Wong, mindfulness expert & founder Just Breathe

“In the evening my routine is from the outside in. At night where possible, I always finish the day with a shower or bath to soothe and calm the day. The Ritual of Jing Baths Salts, are great for this. Drink two glasses of water to hydrate for sleep. A quiet practice, whether it’s reading, a yoga Indra, quiet time alone, any conscious rest, before I sleep. A moment of gratitude, sometimes it’s written, sometimes it’s a text message to someone in my life, sometimes it’s a moment to myself. An early night. I’m a big believer that we should go to bed before we think we need too. This way rest is proactive, not reactive.”


Holly Zoccolan, Nutritionist + founder of The Health Zoc (and fellow Hip List-er!)

“My morning routine is where I do my meditation and movement so on an evening I like to take it easy and wind down slowly before I go to bed. I try to stick to a routine of being in bed by 10pm and waking up at 5.30am. At around 8 pm I light my sandalwood incense and a candle, have either a hot shower, Epsom salt bath or detox bath to relax my body, my muscles and reconnect with myself after the day I’ve just finished. If I’ve had a busy day and am finding it hard to switch off, I do some journaling for 10 minutes which really helps to clear my mind and get everything off my chest which stops any anxiety or worries when I get into bed. I always put my phone down at least 30 minutes before I get into bed and do some deep breathing techniques once I get into bed to calm my nervous system and slowly doze off to sleep.”