Being a mum is hard at the best of times, so when it comes to trying to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible at the same time as running after your little one, it might seem like an impossible feat. Well, that’s where Hip & Healthy is here to help because we’ve rounded up six sustainable baby buys that make being a more eco-conscious parent easy, fun, and stylish. 

From the best baby bags to wet wipe alternatives and eco nappies, you’ll actually want to use, shop our edit of the best sustainable baby brands below. You, your little one, and the planet can thank us later.

THE FOOD – Lune + Wild

There’s abundance of convenient healthy baby food options out there, but sadly, whilst they may be good for baby, they aren’t good for the planet. Those pretty fruit and veg adorned pouches might be practical, but they’re made from multiple layers of materials, which makes recycling them next to impossible. This is down to food safety, which of course is of the utmost importance when it comes to our babies, but sadly it means they end up in landfills and polluting our waters.

That’s just one of the reasons we are obsessed with Lune + Wild’s meals. Packed with so many flavours, herbs, and spices, we’d happily eat them ourselves. Think: corn and cauliflower kormas, carrot and chickpea tagines, Mexican bean chilis, and root vegetable ragouts galore. All designed in partnership with a pediatric dietician. Plus, they’re organic and seasonal and sourced where possible from farmers using regenerative agricultural practices. Packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable, and meals are delivered using a zero-emissions service. Portioned up and available in a variety of textures, they arrive frozen (further helping to eliminate waste) and encourage your little one to try exciting combinations and amazing ingredients. The only problem? You’ll get major food envy.


And what better way to serve up all that delicious, organic grub than on super cute and sustainable dining sets? As Baby Boosa’s founder Mira Massih explains, “Baby Boosa exists to redefine baby and toddler products through sustainability, style, community and thoughtful design”, ticking all the boxes when it comes to bowls, plates, bibs, and cups that look good and do good. Made using non-toxic, eco-safe silicone and no single-use plastic in sight, Baby Boosa’s weaning and feeding essentials combine thoughtful, practical designs with fun prints, cool colours, and comfortable, soft materials.

Committed to repurposing silicone, they even collect your old items (whether from the brand or not) and turn them into safe playground flooring and pebble chips, helping to eliminate landfill and ocean waste whilst reducing the need for new materials to be made – in turn preventing unnecessary pollution and environmental damage. Clever!


Cleaning up after a baby’s mealtime takes an army and a whole lot of wet wipes. And while you think that’s okay, with wipes being biodegradable and all, they do, in fact, pose a serious problem for our planet. Many end up flushed down our loos, causing blockages and marine pollution, and they’re definitely not biodegradable when wrapped in a plastic bag… Not to mention the hundreds of years they take to break down (many contain plastics), or the carbon footprint it costs to produce and ship them.

But don’t panic because Cheeky Wipes offer an amazing sustainable alternative. Available in cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo, their wipes can be used on hands, faces, and bottoms and come in an array of colours and designs. Made by a mama whose little one had eczema, they’re kind to skin, contain no nasty chemicals, and are gloriously simple to use. Simply wet, wipe, and bung in the wash. There’s also an optional lavender and chamomile essential oil blend you can soak them in, which boasts natural antiseptic, anti-fungal, and healing properties. On top of all that, they can help you save nearly £450 a year if you make the switch from your regular wipes. Sold. 

THE TOYS – Whirli

Baby toys are every mum’s bugbear. Most last a day or two before they’re banished to the “I’m over these already” pile, your feet will suffer the accidental step on one situation at least once a day, and others end up under the oven, in the washing machine, blocking the sink… you get the gist. Not to mention the amount of plastic waste they create. So, instead of constantly buying new toys, why not rent them instead? Whirli’s brilliantly simple “Get. Play. Give. Repeat” concept keeps mum and baby happy by allowing you to rent one of over 850 different toys.

Easily split into age groups and toy types (there’s everything from books to dolls, puzzles to bikes, walkers to paddling pools and everything in between), there are even sustainable brands on offer and educational options too. The best part? Once your little one has had enough of them, you just pop them back in the post and choose something new. There’s also the option of buying it to keep. To date, Whirli has saved almost 240,000 toys from ending up in landfill, and they incentivise customers to use pre-loved packaging by adding credit to your account. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a whirli!


Think sustainable nappies, think a raggedy piece of loincloth reserved solely for hippies? Then think again, because Kit & Kin is changing the way we think about eco-friendly nappies, one baby’s bottom at a time. Made with sustainable, plant-derived materials produced in a carbon-neutral factory, they’re on a mission to end our dependency on non-renewable sources while playing their part in protecting the planet.

Free from chlorine and chemicals, their super soft, hypoallergenic, derm-approved (and sustainable) fibres protect even the most sensitive of skins, and – of course – keep unwanted leaks or accidents at bay. Plus, they’re adorned with super cute animal designs, and the Kit & Kin Foundation works to protect threatened habitats and communities around the world. As co-founder Emma Bunton (yes, as in Baby Spice) says, “Imagine if every time you changed your baby, something positive happened?”. For every 10 nappy subscriptions sold, they’ll purchase and protect one acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust. If you needed further convincing to make the swap, Kit & Kin is it.

The Baby Bags – Jem and Bea

If you thought finding a practical, chic, and sustainable baby bag was an impossible feat, then you clearly haven’t met Jem + Bea. A multi-award-winning baby bag and accessories brand founded by two mamas who struggled to find an option that ticked all the boxes, they boast everything from cool backpacks to handy holdalls and everything in between. All with plenty of pockets and compartments for all those wipes and creams, of course.

Their eco range is particularly impressive and features cool animal print totes, on-trend backpacks, and compact weekenders made from Econyl – a regenerated nylon made from disused fishing nets and plastic bottles destined for landfills. Complete with stylish vegan leather trims and silver hardware, don’t be surprised if it becomes your go-to bag long after the little one is out of nappies.

words by Frankie Rozwadowska