At Hip and Healthy, we are all about taking inspiration from our favourite instagrammers! There’s nothing better to kickstart our motivation than stealing a few style tips from these insta fitties who have a workout wardrobe to die for! Plus, they’ve all been spotted wearing kit from our store so you know where to look if you’re ever in need of some fresh new gear!


Lydia Elise Millen @lydiaemillen
The first chic and stylish blogger we can all take inspiration from is Lydia Elise Millen. Lydia, a lifestyle, health, fashion and fitness blogger began her journey to health and happiness in 2011. Since then, Lydia has taken the fashion industry by storm, but has recently really got into the world of fit-fashion! Lydia’s blog beautifully covers how to live well and happy and she’s even been spotting wearing our exclusive (and hard to get hold of) Tully Lou Parna Pants!


Tiffany Watson @tiffanyc_watson
Tiffany Watson may be renowned for her role on Made In Chelsea, however there is no denying that Tiffany has made quite a mark in the health and wellbeing industry with her beautiful blog, featuring all things yoga, food and lifestyle. Tiffany has also just luanched, in partnership with Multipower and Lonan O’herlihy, an amazing new bootcamp called Tonan. Tonan, held weekly at the Budokwai centre in Chelsea, is perfect for anyone looking to tone up and feel empowered, happy and energized!


Samantha Angelo – The Eye Travels @samantha_angelo
Samantha Angelo inspires us all with her tales, of health, fashion, music and travel. Enchanted by self-expression and individuality, Samantha’s passion and flair for life shines through in every blog post. “The Eye Travels” brings fantasy to fashion and romanticism in living the life you’ve dreamed up.” We just love scrolling through her insta!


Naturally Sassy @naturally.sassy
We have to say Naturally Sassy is a particular favourite of ours! As a professional ballet dancer, Sassy’s journey began through the discovery of using the correct nutrition to fuel and heal her body. Sassy’s healthy philosophy stretches far beyond that of simply looking good – she inspires us all to energise our bodies with the healing properties of delicious and nutritious food.


Dress Like a Mum @dresslikeamum
Dress like a Mum is definitely one for you mummy’s out there! Zoe, founder of Dress Like a Mum, seeks to campaign to change the assumption that after having a baby or two, mothers lose their style and flair for fashion. Zoe proves to us all, that despite having two children, a hectic schedule and a career, that mothers should never have to sacrifice their look! She is seriously inspiring at loves rocking out in our Mara Hoffman leggings!


Michon Van As @michonvanas
International model Michon Van As is perfect to follow for travel inspiration! However, be warned… your eyes may turn green with envy at the sight of her toned pins and amazing photo shoots!


Camilla Akerberg @camilla_akerberg
Online fitness and nutrition coach, blogger and model; Camilla Akerberg is one to follow to really kick start your motivation to be the best version of you. One look at her toned abs, you’ll be running to the gym! She’s often sporting a L’urv Sportswear outfit from time to time too! So if you want to nab her fit style then head over to our store to check out our curated selection of L’urv Sportswear!


Ellie Lemons @ellielemons
Personal trainer and health coach Ellie Lemons offers us an insight into her world of health and nutrition! With a bachelor in Health Science, Ellie’s expertise are worth following to help you achieve the body you want and a happy and healthy mindset. She’s loves to stay fit and never fails to look good while doing so!