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Stay Healthy At Work

In a recent study carried out by the Work & Health Research Centre at Loughborough University it was revealed that nearly 70% of employees do not hit the recommended guidelines for physical activity. The average worker will spend five hours and 41 minutes sitting at their desk per day and another seven hours sleeping. This amount of inactivity is not only bad for our health but also detrimental to our mental wellbeing. Here are some tips to keep fit and fuel well whilst at work:

  1. Talk to your colleagues. Dr Duncan, who led the study, says “put a post-it note on your computer to remind you to get up and walk around and talk to colleagues face to face, it’s a lot more sociable and better for you than emailing them.”
  2. Turn your commute into a work out. Bike, run or walk – there are several different ways to work up a bit of a sweat on your way home from work. Top tip: always keep a pair of old trainers and gym kit under your desk.
  3. Sit on a gym ball. It is good for your core muscles as they are constantly being used to keep you balanced and it helps keep your posture straight. Double whammy…
  4. Take the stairs not the lift. The average person will burn 7 calories per minute when taking the stairs as opposed to 1 calorie per minute in the lift. It all adds up… especially when you look at it monthly or even yearly.
  5. Drink lots of water. Although this may not seem to directly link to moving more, by drinking more water you will have to refill your glass more, which will in turn get you up and walking to the kitchen much more throughout the day.
  6. Prepare to Eat Well: Your work day may be busy, and your downtime even busier, but the amount of time it takes to run and buy a sandwich from M&S is the same (or longer) than making a hummus and avocado sandwich on rye bread, or a quick rainbow salad, to go. Its healthier, cheaper, and will make your body far happier.
  7. Organise your Office snacks: Fruitdrop, an office fruit supplier (www.fruitdrop.co.uk)  have made it their mission to deliver boxes of fresh fruit to over a thousand clients throughout the UK.  This cost-effective office snack idea is rapidly growing, as more and more offices are investing in there employees health. The boxes are taylored to your offices needs, and can be ordered on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Prices start at 20 pounds, and delivery is free! A great way to insure you and your co-workers always have healthy snacks on hand. Don’t just give in to the office norm, change it! Click here for more information.
  8. Visithttp://www.fruitdrop.co.uk/