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Liposonix Reviewed 

Our Beauty Editor Reveals Her Results

Attractive Young Woman Wearing a Black Swimsuit

Two and a half months ago, I went to try out a Liposonix treatment at the renowned 111 Harley Street Clinic. (If you missed it, read up about my experience here). Last week, I went for my follow-up appointment to find out if the state-of-the-art ultrasound technology really does what is says on the tin. Had I lost weight and had my stomach got smaller? Well, I was pleasantly surprised…

I won’t lie, I was slightly nervous about visiting Dr Alexandrides and his lovely team again. Let’s just say my plans to get fit and healthy over the summer fell by the wayside… (blame the barbeques, ice-creams and jugs of Pimms). After about 8 weeks my tummy was definitely feeling flatter, but it’s hard to tell on yourself, especially when it takes 8 weeks + to start seeing a difference.

My worries soon wafted away after a warm greeting and a catch-up with the Dr and his assistant, but then it was time for the scary part. The measurements. After using a tape measure around the same areas as at my first appointment, and a rather mortifying ‘pinch test’, Dr Alexandrides proudly announced that I had lost an inch from my tummy. A whole inch – which, considering my lifestyle of late, was pretty impressive. This was, of course, brilliant news, and I couldn’t help grinning like a total loon as I really took in my flatter tummy in the mirror. It’s by no means perfect (it’s always been the area I’ve struggled with) but it’s noticeably flatter, and seeing the change gives you the motivation to really try and continue to improve it through eating better and moving more. It was also interesting to learn that if we had also treated the ‘flanks’ (better known as love-handles) and the upper abdomen, I could have seen much more drastic results (it was only my lower tummy that the Liposonix was used on).

The verdict? Yes, looking back I remember that I found the actual treatment quite painful and at times unpleasant, but after experiencing tangible results and getting that rush similar to when you step on the scales and seeing you’ve lost a few pounds, it’s hard not to like it. This is not a treatment for the very lean and toned, or for the very overweight, it’s for ‘normal’ people who find it hard to shift that extra bit of blubber. The only problem is, now I want it everywhere…!

For more information on Liposonix at 111 Harley Street visit: http://111harleystreet.com/non-surgical/liposonix-difference-2/