Last, but by no means least, in this Ayurvedic recipe series is Kapha Dosha. These muscular, strong types tend to have more oily skin, thick luscious hair and radiant skin (damn you Kaphas!). They usually sleep deeply and generally have good digestion. If the scales are tipped out of balance, Kaphas can experience weight gain, sluggishness, lacking in energy and can even be prone to depression. Their personality is calm, loyal and loving and they have a tendency to feel the cold.

So how do Kaphas keep themselves balanced? Stimulation mentally and physically is highly recommended to shift their sometimes stagnant nature, so shaking up routines, trying new workouts and exploring new places are perfect ways to keep them engaged and excited. Nutritionally, since Kapha characteristics are heavy, cold and oily, foods that are light, dry and warm usually work best. Kaphas are recommended to limit dairy consumption instead using things like ghee in place of butter and nut milks in place of cows milk. Lighter fruits such as apples, pears, pomegranates and apricots are great options as opposed to heavier fruits like bananas, avocado, dates and peaches. A diet high in vegetables is also a good idea for Kaphas, focussing on green-coloured veg. Red meat is advised to be avoided but fish and lean white meat like chicken can be tolerated well. When it comes to sweet treats, raw honey is the best option to be eaten in moderation, which can be added to smoothies and breakfast bowls. So, with that said, see below 6 recipes for your Kapha dosha!  (Here are 6 recipes for your Vata Dosha and 6 recipes for your Pitta Dosha in case you missed them!).

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