Sadie Reid shares the insights from her recent astrology reading with the Nymph of Neptune to help her gain a better understanding of herself and to answer the question of all questions, what is our life’s purpose?

My fascination with astrology started with a copy of Bliss magazine when I can’t have been much older than 10. At the back of the magazine was an intriguing set of funky looking signs each with a paragraph of writing underneath, I immediately asked my mum what it was all about and she explained that it was a horoscope and that my star sign is Pisces and in order to get an insight into my future I should look out for the sign with the fish and read what it says beneath. This was a wholly new concept for me and something that instantly resonated. Since that day I have been turning to my horoscope to help gain a better understanding of myself and the world around me when I reach tricky decisions or hard times. But there was always something slightly wrong – something that didn’t add up. For starters Pisces are supposed to be airy dreamers, deeply romantic and intensively artistic – I am none of those things… more a dreamer with a plan and an organised strategy, romantic only after 4 glasses of wine and for my art A-level I “studied” the style of Jackson Pollack because I needed to not fail and throwing paint splats at a ginormous piece of paper seemed like the best solution. 

Feeling like there must be another layer to this astrology thing, it was then that I learned about the depth Astrologers can go to and how incredibly helpful it can be to have your birth chart read. A lover of all things spiritual, it didn’t take much for me to start booking in with everything from Astrologers to Tarot Card readers to help me navigate through life. But it wasn’t until my reading with the Astrologer, Nymph of Neptune (also known as Hedy), that I truly started to feel like I was getting somewhere with uncovering parts of me that I never knew.

The Nymph of Neptune is not like other astrologers, for starters she’s about 30 years younger than anyone else I had met on the astro scene, she’s super chic and cool and there is something so lovely about her, she’s warm and incredibly non-judgemental. She instantly put me at ease. Hedy had spent the night before reviewing my birth chart and it was this that we were going to go through in the 90 minutes I had with her. 

She started with my rising sign. Your rising sign – also known as the Ascendant – is the sign that was rising over the horizon at the exact time you were born. This sign is much more about the person you tend to show the world and can often determine much more of your personality. My rising sign is in Aries, and Hedy went on to explain that this made me strategic and a good leader. It’s the part of me that tends to go after what I want unapologetically and in a decisive manner. I guess this is why my dreams turn into goals. 

Hedy then went on to explain where the Sun and Moon sit in the chart and what this means. The Sun’s position shows where your light shines so to speak – the part of you that everyone knows you for. My Sun is in the house that rules partnerships – and nothing brings me more joy than bringing things together and forming partnerships – whether it be people or brands I love a partnership. Where the Moon resides is an indication of your emotional needs, Hedy explained beautifully that the moon’s location reveals the life area you would dive right into, especially if you were free of all responsibilities and nodody was watching My moon is in my 9th house which indicates a deeper desire to get really spiritual – so now I know why I constantly am looking at the alternative medicine section on hotcourses.com. I should also mention the 9th house rules publishing – so my deep desire to produce content is also written in the stars.

Hedy explained to me that the beauty of astrology is that it really explains the underbelly of how you function and helps you to forgive certain aspects of yourself. She gently helped me to lean into the parts of myself that I have often tried to change and even offered insightful advice on how to work with elements of my personality that she can see are pre-determined. Pluto was in my third house, which told her a bit about the way my mental health functions. She hit the nail on the head when she told me that I will feel things deeply that others don’t and much more visually in most cases. I was advised not to watch the news because of the lasting impact it has on my mind – what a relief. I have often felt that the news and sad stories affect me more than most people – conjuring up more worries and fears of my own.

We finished by discussing  the North and South Nodes of the moon. The North Node refers to your karmic destiny – one’s purpose in life. The South Node refers to your past life – which we didn’t have time to dive into. My North Node was in my 10th house; the house of career; ambition; achievement. This filled me with joy – mainly because all my late night working felt validated by the fact it is my life’s purpose but also because the work I do already brings me so much joy. I left Hedy’s apartment filled with a much better understanding of myself and where I was heading, and I will forever be excited to find out what the stars may have in store for me.

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words by Sadie Reid