There’s no doubt about it, there are some incredible fitness tech inventions being released at the moment and they are all designed for one purpose… to make staying fit a breeze. We’ve entered into an era where time is more precious and hard to come by than ever before and where convenience continues to prevail. Time-poor lawyers, bankers, business owners, entrepreneurs, parents, young professionals and even students have fueled the at-home workout movement and we believe the industry is going to boom over the next year. With inventions like the TrueBe App, where you can get certified personal trainers, yoga teachers and more to come to your door, it’s clear the demand for training in the comfort of your own home is massively on the rise. 

As with most sectors of the wellness industry, the US is usually one step ahead, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to our health and wellbeing, with many “trends” that originated state-side now commonplace here the UK. With all this in mind, we really wanted to share some brilliant new fitness tech that is coming over to our side of the pond very soon!

Mirror Fitness
To our knowledge, Mirror Fitness is the first of it’s kind. A completely new piece of fitness tech that hangs on your wall just like a regular full-length mirror, except hidden in the glass is your very own fitness suite! You can stream a live workout or choose from a huge variety of pre-recorded workouts from cardio, yoga, strength, pilates, barre and even boxing. You can take your workout to new levels by wearing a heart-rate monitor so you can see your numbers right in front of you as you build up a sweat, ideal if you’re training for a specific fitness goal. Like Peleton, there is someone in front of you doing the workout with you providing words of encouragement, different modifications and helpful corrections for form and posture. The best thing about Mirror Fitness is it’s slim, not taking up a huge amount of space and, when switched off, just looks like a regular mirror! Be kept in the loop by visiting Mirrorfitness.com

Peleton Tread

Peloton Tread
Peleton’s innovative spin bike lept over to the UK earlier this year and it’s catapulted the brand to fitness tech stardom. With an on-demand library of loads classes to suit every mood plus over 90+ live-streamed workouts a week to tune into, it’s safe to say it’s a popular piece of equipment. New to Peleton (and sadly still only available in the US) is the Peleton Tread, a state-of-the-art smart treadmill which offers a totally immersive home-workout experience. Similar to the bike, you can stream live classes or choose from a bank of workouts which incorporates a mixture of running and weight training. The 32” touchscreen display is where you’ll see your trainer run along with you, giving you tips, challenging you to push your limits and helping you make the most out of your workout. It’s sleek, carbon-steel appearance also features a shock-absorbing belt designed to offer a low-impact workout. We want it!! Stayed tuned to Onepeleton.co.uk to be the first to know when it lands.


Hydrow Rower
Another really snazzy piece of fitness tech not yet available in the UK is Hydrow Rower. We’re a little bit in love with it already. Now, rowing machines are nothing new, they’ve been a staple piece of equipment in most commercial gyms for years but Hydrow is on another level. It features an ergonomically-designed seat to maximise comfort while training, a quiet resistance mechanism meaning loud chains and fans won’t disrupt your go-to workout playlist, industrial-grade durability tested to last at least 3,000,000 cycles and a 22” sweat-proof touchscreen with HIFI speakers, a 2-megapixel camera, microphone, Bluetooth, WIFI and a USB connection. *and breathe*. Stream live workouts with amazing footage from rowers actually training on the water, train alongside pre-recorded river and studio sessions or opt for a total body fitness workout with routines geared towards stretching, yoga, functional movement and resistance training. This really is the complete package! Discover more online at Hydrow.com

words by Molly Jennings