What if we told you there was a way to help your muscles feel less sore post-workout that didn’t involve a painful sports massage or agonising foam rolling session? You’d jump for joy, wouldn’t you? Well, we can excitingly report that clean skincare brand, REN, have created an entire bodycare range designed to help reduce stress, fight fatigue and prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) from making you look like a penguin trying to walk down the stairs! We’ve all been there!


Their new Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium range works by restoring the body’s balance of magnesium, ensuring our cells release toxins, waste and heavy metals, which will help our bodies regain energy and be able to function at our optimum. Tom Puntis, Personal Trainer, Facial Stretch Therapist and Swim Specialist at London’s exclusive, members-only gym, Workshop Gymnasium says, “Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that has many important roles in our body. Produce enough of it and you will feel energised, get good quality sleep and recover well from your workouts. However, if you don’t produce enough, you many increase you chances of muscle cramps, restless sleep and taking longer to recover from exercise.”


The range consists of a Reviving Body Wash, an Enriching Body Cream, a Gentle Hand Wash, a Fresh Hand Lotion, an Exfoliating body Scrub and Relaxing Bath Oil. Each product harnesses the power of anti-oxidant rich sea kelp and seaweed to fight stress and pollution, which why it’s perfect for the 21st century fitness fanatic!


If we had to pick our faves from the range, we’d probably say the Body Scrub, Bath Oil and the Body Cream. The scrub is enriched with Atlantic kelp extract and Microalgae Oil, which really leaves the skin so luscious and soft, and smelling divine! The Bath Oil is unsurprisingly relaxing as it contains REN’s Anti-Fatigue essential oils to help de-stress your mind and body. The Body Cream is a DOMS fighting superhero! Formulated with magnesium, this toning cream will enhance natural cell renewal and relieve muscle fatigue. Farewell sore, tired, achy muscles!

Take a closer look at REN’s Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium range here!